Speaker opinions for my setup, pls?

Ok, I sold my MC250 and replaced with the Lazarus H-1 Class A hybrid amp which gives a conservative 50 watts/ch. it has a JJ Tesla 6DJ8 tube and 100,000uF capac/..Its an incredible amp,,a tremendous upgrade,,,,anyway,,,so its the Lazarus, a Berning TF-10 tubed preamp, Parasound CDP-2000 Ultra CD player, and a Thorens TD-165 TT...Currently I have a pair of JBL L-96's, but I am considering some of the following:

Soliloquy's 5.3 (available locally for like 990.00)...

Any opinions on what matches my system for 1,000 dollars? I always buy used, so keep that in mind.
Huh? First things first: get speakers that match your ROOM and your taste.
That is true,,,,room is unkown as I am moving into a house in June...I can visualize a medium size living room...I dont mind any kind of aesthetics, just the most quality for the buck..and maybe someone has a setup that is intrinsically similar to mine?
Why don't you wait until you move into your new house in June before plunking down the green for new speakers?
Exactly. When you get the room properly carpeted and furnished you'll be able to listen to it and then demo speakers that synergize well with it and your listening position. Otherwise you risk being market-sloppy. Pay attention to sidewalls re sofas and chairs....
I am looking for used speakers, so chances of auditioning are kinda slim...I was thinking of getting feedback from people who have a similar setup, and see if there is a pattern.
I have Magnepans with 40" true ribbons with my Lazarus monoblocks(4 tubes in each). I'm not the only one.. many believe maggies and tubes are a great match.
Funny u say that...I have been thinking about getting some maggies,,,As I understand it, the Laz can drive almost anything in the universe.
Yep.. maggies love lots of current, and the Lazarus will provide it effortlessly. If you go this path, I would also suggest replacing the factory powercord with an IEC jack so you can better feed the amp with an exotic pc. The maggies will be happy too. :-)
I have run your exact set up with a Berning Pre-Amp and bridged H-1A's running in hot Class A with a Cary tube CD. My best sound was with a pair of Spica Anjelus. The low end was pretty awesome as well as the sound stage. I also ran Magnepan ( small ), high end was awesome but the panels vibrated with low end rumble. I also ran with a custom pair of Accustat 1+1's and they sounded awesome but still had some low end problems.
What volume do you listen at. My understanding is that Maggies sound best when played loud and are a little week at lower volume levels. If that's not a concern, they are a great choice. I have had great luck with PSB speakers. The 6t, t65 or Stratus Gold can be found used in your price range and offer great value.