Speaker Opinions

Any individuals fortunate enough to have attended the recent RMAF could you please share your opinions on the sonics of these speakers please.The Gershman Sonogram's with the Clayton amps in room #590,and the Selah Galena's in room #594.Currently using Vandersteen 3a's with great sucess.Wondering how these two compare.Thanks in advance for your replies.
I heard the Gershman's and spoke with Eli and Ofra. I thought they sounded great and the price is right.
Are you thinking of changing speakers? Try using a vandersteen sub with your speakers. You will not be dissappointed.

keep the vandys
I owned the vandi 2and 3sig very comfortable but lack inner detail and resolution and dynamics , and yes my equipment Edge, Dodd audio
and digital plackback is all high quality and modifed with all Bybees and Acoustic zen cables In absolute terms I am speaking very well balanced for the most part but the Acoustic zen adagios, Reference 3A speakers destroy them in these 2 depts
that is why I sold them, but for some they are a solid safe choice and I would agree with that.
>>Currently using Vandersteen 3a's with great sucess.<<

Good for you. Congratulations.

Money to spend? Go on vacation, buy a boat, invest in Countryside (oops, bad idea), save it for Christmas, donate to charity, find a new hobby, take flying lessons, buy an I-Phone.

But never make a change for change's sake.

Have fun.
Geez, Bill, I'll bet the dealers in the community are bristling at that one. Can you PLEASE try to see things from their point of view!
Thanks for all the replies.But I think my question was misunderstood.I'm not looking to part with my speakers,at least not at this time.And I'm not looking to compare the Vandy's against the two models I inquired about.Since one can't possibly hear everything out in Audioland,I merely wanted to tap into the resources of those who heard the models in question at RMAF and have them elaborate on the sonics of the Gershman's and Selah's.How was their bass,mid,and high end response? Do they offer a laid back,neutral,or up-front presentation? Appearance,construction,etc. These were the things I was interested in hearing about.Can we try again please.Thanks.
I did not hear the Gershmans, but I loved the 3-way Selahs. I thought they were nicely detailed and very well balanced across the tonal spectrum. I'd say that they lean a bit to the warmer side of neutral, a sound that I prefer, even when driven with a SS amp. Probably one of my favorites at the show at least of those priced within the range of mere mortals like me.

For what it's worth, I tend to find the popular Seas midrange driver remarkably detailed, but slightly edgy... part of why I may have liked the Galenas was because they use a Scan-Speak driver. Not the most efficient speaker going, but a gentle impedance curve so they might even work well with tube amps.

What did you think of the Fountek ribbon used in the Galenas? As relatively easy on the ears as the ScanSpeak?
Did the two integrate well in this design?

I liked the Galenas from top to bottom, especially at their price point, so yes I thought the highs were quite nice; detailed but not abrasive.

In general, I'd classify myself as someone who is pretty sensitive to a top end that is tilted up; in fact, I hate it. I did not find the Galenas that way at all which is part of why I liked them.

Ribbon tweeters are interesting to me because of their "air" say compared to a silk dome (which I prefer to a metal dome in almost all cases).

Ribbons tend not to sound tilted up to me, just different in their presentation than domes.