Speaker most similar to Proac REsponse 2

I used to own the Response 2 and foolishly sold it. I loved the warm sound. I have read reviews of the current Proac lineup and the house sound seems to have changed.

What speaker do you think has the same sound as the Original Response 2?

thanks in advance.
Just a guess but possibly one of the Harbeth Monitors.........
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Why not pick up a pair of Response 2's that show up frequently here on Audiogon? You might be surprised, though, as I had a pair I eventually sold to a friend after replacing them with Gallos. When I heard them at his place a while later I thought they were very boxy sounding and not very impressive in general. Memory can do strange things :-)

the proac D2. the change in 'house sound' has been overstated. The D2 is one of the best 'british' bargains out there, and is a worthy successor to the response 2.
I would second the idea of the Response 2.5. You get all that's excellent in the 2's with the benefit of a more extended low end, and you don't have to deal with the extra heavy stands that the 2's need to perform at their best. Other than that, I would also second what Jaybo said about the D2. It's the best speaker, "pound for pound", I've heard from ProAc in some time.