speaker mods

Does anyone know of someone who does speaker mods? (changing crossover, capacitors) I have kef from 1970s

I do speaker mods. I've upgraded the crossover networks in all of my Klipsch speakers. I replace all of the stock capacitors with high quality Kimber Kaps, Auricaps, Solens or electrlytics. I replace all the stock resistors with high quality non-inductive resistors.

Upgrading the speaker crossover networks make a huge difference in the speakers performance across the entire spectrum.

I'm also begining to install Bybee quantum purifiers in audio gear (just on the AC input right after the IEC). There have been many good reviews on doing this.

You can do them yourself vert easily. Get a copy of the Schmatic for your speaker. Search the net then go buy the parts and DIY.