Speaker Matching with Linn Gear

Why is it that several people seem to suggest that speaker matching (non-Linn speakers, that is) with Linn gear is very tricky? Some have indicated that it has been a nightmare.

Even talking with some dealers, I keep hearing, we've had some success with..................

What is it about Linn that makes it "tricky"?
I haven't had a lot of acquaintance with Linn gear, just a Majik-I integrated and a Classik. I had to be careful with choosing speakers for these, for two reasons.

First, the output connectors are unique and you have to get speaker cable connectors for them from your Linn dealer.

Second, Linn state their output power at 4 ohms, not the more conventional 8 ohms. They do this for all their gear, not because their amps are underpowered, perhaps their speakers are all 4 ohms nominal. Of course this means that power is approximately half the rated figure at 8 ohms. If you don't pay attention, you could wind up with a mismatch, say a speaker that can just manage on 70 watts at 8 ohms but runs an amp with half that into the ground.
Bullshit! I have all Linn sources. Sondek 12 TT Ittok LV II Tonearm, Linn Kudos Tuner, Linn Mimik II CD Player, Linn Numerik DAC. Amp is a Cary CAD 120s tube. Preamp is a Cary SLP98P, and for some flexability a DBX 14/10 EQ. I have used Klipsch Quartets, that I still have , and am currently using Krause Cinema extremes. These are in a 12 x 14 bedroom and have Beyma Big Horn Tweeters, and two 12'' mid sub Drivers. Spl Klipsch is 97.5 and the Krause's are about 100. I'd love to have Wilson Sophia II's or Gallo 3.1's or even Linn Majik 140's or Ninkas. Linn makes fine products, just use other good products with them. IMHO
I have owned several Linn products and have been happy with all but the LK-85 amp. The other Linn amp I used was the AV5105 which I really liked. I used two of them for bi-amping. The only speaker I used with less than satisfactory results was the PSB Platinum 1. They just seemed very one dimensional. Not really sure if it was the amps or speakers.
Bottom line, I don't feel the need to use Linn speakers to get good sound from Linn amps or source products.