Speaker match with Spectral?

Ideally - I'd get Wilson's but they're just out of my price range. Using a DMA-50 with DMC-10. Any thoughts on Thiel's or Dynaudio's?

Trying hard to make the decision!
My understanding, based on exposure to friends' systems over the years, is that Thiel's have always verged on having over-emphasized and/or over-extended treble. Spectral has always designed their products with ultra-wide bandwidth, as far as I am aware. That doesn't sound like a good match to me.

I have no particular familiarity with Dynaudio's, other than their generally excellent reputation.

-- Al
vandersteen 2ce sign...one or two..
I've seen Aerial paired with Spectral in shows in years past.
Well the Thiel's were mentioned but that makes perfect sense. So those are out. I've heard very good things about the Dynaudio's as well.

Vandersteen is well within the price range and I've heard a pair of 3A's that sounded nice as well!

All the input is wonderful! I appreciate it!

Any others?
Avalon is the "usual" match
Forget Thiel and Dynaudio .. 4ohms and less impedance load very hard to drive for your DMA50
I suggest Spendors - Harbeths - Tannoys kinda 8ohms and more .. easy load and perfect sonical match with your spectral combo
Hi Weirdsailboat

I have the Spectral DMC 12 and the DMA 90 matched with Harbeths and it is a perfect match. Harbeths due very well with SS amps. I have had Thiels in the past, and while they have some great points, I would not match them up with the Spectrals.


I'm not a fan of Spectral and Thiel together.
I have heard Thiel CS-7.2 and CS-6 with Spectral's higher power offerings and it is a wonderful match.

With the DMA-50 though, some of the comments above may be more relevant.

As a Dynaudio and Thiel dealer with familiarity of Spectral sound, I would think Dynaudio would be great with higher powered Spectral, but maybe not with lower powered work.
I have the Spectral DMC 12 and the DMA 90 matched with Harbeths and it is a perfect match

I'm sure it's!!
My compliment for this perfect choice
I'm very intrigued by the Harbeth's - albeit a bit out of my range. Any thoughts on the monitors? I've never owned smaller speakers and suppose the size may be misleading me into thinking I won't get big sound.
Used pair of Sophias may be your ticket to happiness:O)
The DMA-50 was designed to be ideal in driving Quad ESL63's. With a high quality analog front end and good cables, the sonics in reproducing small ensemble pieces is really something special.
Not a big fan of the ESL's - the former owner of the amp had them hooked up to them and they just weren't for me.