Speaker match to Cary 300B-SEs

Folks, I need sme ideas here. I have an existing 2-channel system (see virtual system), and now I want to create a SET-based system. I need help on the speaker recomendation. Appreciate it!
Coincident Loudspeakers and if your budget allows, the best are by Avantgarde.
If you can find them, Alon Lotus SE MKIII, that's what I'm running with my Cary 300B Mono's and it's a fabulous combo. Make sure it's the 14 ohm woofer version, specifically for SET amps.
Jond & Sounds...,

Thanks. Johnd, what tube are you running. I need to start from scratch (300B).


Right now I'm running Valve Art 300B's in my Cary monos. They're nice tubes, but eventually I think I'll try some of the new meshplates. Good luck!