Speaker Match MC275

I am starting to upgrade my system and I am considering getting a McIntosh MC275 as I find them beautiful and a decent value for what you get. I have researched all day on trying to find speakers that will serve it well but I am already $4,500 down and really that breaks the bank.

Right now I have Boston Acoustics Lynnfield VR950 and I don't mind them to casually listen to music but I understand their short comings. I am thinking I should (and may need to) get different speakers... so I was wondering if anyone has any advice on some speakers to get that are around the $1000 mark that I can live with for a year or two until I can upgrade. I am open to used as well.

If anyone has advice I am all ears and would be very grateful.
Great amp. I owned one for a while and loved it. I'd recommend you hold off for a bit until you can increase your budget for speakers. Used Spendor SP100's and Harbeth SHL5's would be great with that amp.
First of all, welcome to the MC275 family. Your starting out with a great foundation with the MC275 power amp. You have options @ 1K or less for great speakers.

Here are couple of speaker options to research on your journey:

Epos M16i
Triangle Celius ESW

ProAc Tablette 2000
Epos ES 14