Speaker match for Simaudio W8/P8

I know speakers are very dependent on personal taste, but I'm looking to upgrade my speakers and would appreciate some advice from fellow agoners. My amp/preamp is the Simaudio W8/P8 (250W ss stereo amp). Current speakers are Dali Mentor 8s. I'm open to buying new or used, 15K or so price range. Considering Dali euphonia MS4/5, Sonus Faber Elipsa, Von Schweikert VR5 anniversary, Wilson Sophia 3/Sasha (a bit of a reach), Dynaudio Confidence C4. (Dynaudio seems to be paired with Sim at audio shows) or Eggleston Andra3
Room is about 22x18 with listening area 2/3rd of space, source currently is esoteric DV60. Please let me know what you guys think, and any other speakers I should consider. Thanks
I like Dalis. I think they add the touch of warmth or richness that might go well with the Sim gear. What type of sound are you hoping to get?
Rich and dynamic. I want a large soundstage. I currently have Dali mentor 8s and have considered moving up in the Dali line to euphonias, I just think that the ms5 will be too big for my room, and I am not sure what I will give up in low bass performance with the ms4. Also not sure how
much of an upgrade the ms4 will actually be over the mentor 8.
I have a Simaudio W-7 with Dynaudio C1s, currently choosing between ARC Ref 5 and P-7 to match, and also looking at SF Elipsas. The great thing is, they're still on sale ($15,800).

I'm going to the Montreal show to listen to the Amati Futuras before making up my mind. And still dreaming about the !3s I heard at CES. The nice thing about SF -- they sound great with Simaudio. If you want more accuracy and less soul, and have a large room, I'd look at Dynaudio C4s too.
oohh, I would try the VSA VR 5 Anniversary. I used to own the Dali Euphonia MS 4s. Great speaker, I did not try it with Sim though so sorry on that. I have owned the W-7 and the W-3. I primarily used the Monitor Audio GS 60s with them.
I second the VSA VR5 ann. My Sim W8 just makes those speakers sound incredible. I have paired Sim with VSA on numerous occasions very successfully.
I have a Simaudio i-7 and am looking to upgrade to some combination of Simaudio P-7/8 and W-7/8. I just bought a pair of Revel Studio 2s and they are a fantastic match with the Simaudio i-7. Before buying the Revels I auditioned a whole bunch of speakers with my i-7, including the Sophia 3s, Sonus Faber Cremona Ms, PMC PB1i/OB1i, B&W 802D MkIIs, Usher Dancer 8571s and Monitor Audio Platinum PL300s

Personally, I preferred the Revel Studio 2 - Simaudio combination over all of these speakers. It was preference, though. Reflecting on all the auditioning I did there was not one speaker that I could say the Simaudio i-7 didn't work with. It let the characteristics of each speaker shine through and, in the end, my choice was based on the speaker I liked the best rather than the pairing, per se. I'm only now looking at upgrading from the i-7 because others have said that I'll get tighter, more detailed bass from the Revels with more power. Nothing wrong with the way they sound but we'll see if I'm missing anything!
Look into Shelby+Kroll speakers. Mine are on the way to me right now. I hope to have them for the weekend. I first saw an ad for them here on the Gon when I was looking for a sub to augment the bottom end of my Lowther Dx4 Medallions. I called Tim Kroll on a Friday afternoon, left a message, and recieved a return call that evening. As luck would have it there was a guy here in NJ who had a pair. Tim called him and Bob, the S+K owner, called me back on Sat. We set up a listening session at his house for Sunday afternoon. On my way home I called and ordered a 2.2 set over the phone. This speaker has it ALL! Spacious and full sound stage, detail, and deep well artculated bass. Give them a try you will not be dissapointed! :-)
Just curious what speakers you finally decided upon?

I upgraded my Simaudio i-7 to a P-7/W-8 combo and am loving it! With the P-8 it must be that much better!
Camb- i actually got the Simaudio P850 preamp (newest model). Dealer convinced me into shelling out a few more to upgrade after I ordered the P8. The P850 sounds great.
I decided to upgrade cabling before speakers, and went with Transparent Audio Reference XL. Still eyeing speakers, and am very intrigued by the new Sony AR-1. Will probably go with either them, the dynaudio C4s, or the Wilson Sashas down the road.
I run a P-7 pre with a W-5 which will magically turn into a W-8 or W-7 mono's.I run Martin Logans which are an awesome pairing with the Sim equipment.

In a room your size you could go for a used pair of CLX which would be in your budget or a pair of Prodigy's would be excellent as well.If you get the chance, have a listen to the CLX.

I have heard all the Dynaudio's , including the C-4's which are a nice pairing as well.
If you haven't bought speakers yet I have a one year old pair of Dali MS5's in Alpi finish in new condition I will be selling for $7400 plus shipping. They are in Indianapolis, IN. MSRP is $16,000.