Speaker match for Plinius 8200 Mk II

Any recommendations for speakers that sound good with the Plinius 8200 Mk II integrated amp? I'm wanting a full-range, three-way speaker pair in the $4000-$5000 (retail) price range. I want something that weighs in at less than 100 pounds (45 kilos). I'm looking for a straight forward, sealed box design - no ported boxes and nothing such as electrostatics, etc.

Speaker cable recommendations to go with the speaker recommendations would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance.

Totem Forest despite being only two way but weigh 100lB per pair and dive onto 20Hz at ease with -3db. and to 26Hz flat.
They're great for medium and small size rooms.
Dynaaudio 1.3 or 1.8 might also match your quest.
don..if used speakers are not out of the question i would vote for either a used pair of piega p-8 ltds or,if your room is large enough,a pair of used p-10s.the 8s' you could probably get for about $5k and a little bit more for the 10s'.they weigh in at about 70 lbs and 90 lbs respectively.they combine ribbon mids and tweeters with vifa woofers and are superb speakers.i have p-10s that i think are one of the best speakers i have ever heard.jonathan valin,in a review he did in june '01 said they were 'one of only 3 affordable reference speakers he would own'.the ribbons and vifas' integrate seamlessly.they image unbelievably,are very transparent and the mids and highs are to die for.as for speaker cables to go with them i use hms gran finales' that i think are the most musical cables i have heard. i sold my valhallas' for them.in my system...goldmund mimesis 29m amp,audio tekne 'simona' preamp and piega p-10 speakers they are better then the valhallas' good luck...calloway
if used speakers are not out of the question...

I based my spending limit on a specific retail dollar amount knowing that used speakers will cost less. That's why I specifically used the words "retail dollar amount". In other words, I fully intend to buy used and that puts your suggestion way out of my price range, but thanks. I guess I could have been more clear on this.

Also, I may need to reconsider not reviewing ported designs. I was told today that ported designs are much more typical than they were 15 years ago (the last time I bought speakers).

I would seriously look at the B&W Nautilus 803's. I have the 804's with the Plinius and it is a great combo.
I would seriously look at the B&W Nautilus 803's. I have the 804's with the Plinius and it is a great combo...


What kind of music do you listen to? I listen mostly to rock/pop. I've read a couple reviews that say the B&W speakers are not for rock n rollers. Any insights to this?

Also, are you using the 8200? You did say Plinius, but I was wondering if you feel the 8200 is enough amp for the 803's.

The ultimate solution:
You can buy directly from Germany Avantgarde Solo active speakers for arround $6000 with horn midrange and tweeter and you won't need Plinius 8200 -- it's an easy component to sell since everyone loves it.
They're not ported and can stay close to the walls. The sound... well, great for neary any kind of music. Moreover they're fully adjustable: vertical angle, bass crossover point...
Later-on you can get some 1...2W/ch 2A3 SET to drive the horns as for the valuable upgrade.

with Analysis Plus Oval 8's and Luminous Audio Technology Synchestra Signature or Cardas Golden Cross interconnects. Sounds good to me. Good luck and happy listening.

I recently bought the Musical Fidelity 3.2 power amp which I am running from the pre out on my new Sony ES receiver as I wanted to go home theatre without ruining my 2 channel. I really love the MF. I think it is better than the Plinius and less money as well. I would love to get a good preamp to test the 3.2 WOW that would be nice. If I get tired of home theatre that is what I will do. Back to Hessong's question I would now look to try and get the Nu-vista amp to go with the 803's The integrated would have plenty of power but it would set you back an arm and a leg
Not a 3 way, but Roman Audio Centurions are a huge bargain, and sell used for around $3000 - $3500. They have a downward firing port that makes them fairly easy to place, and are FLAT to 35 hz. They have been used at shows with the Plinius 8200 Mk2 to great effect. They are compact, but produce a big sound with the best soundstaging I've ever heard from a floorstander.
I have a subwoofer from B&W that really makes all the difference when it comes to rock/pop