Speaker match for OTL amps, and other...

I am definitely going "underground"! Looking to build me a tube: SE,PP or OTL amp's. I am "enough" familiar with, first two (SE, PP) and, somewhat, know what to expect! Anybody with OTL, in "family"?
Im using Soliloquy 5.3s with my Atmasphere S30. I understand Silverline Audio are also very OTL friendly. Emil
Coincident Speaker makes some Pretty friendly OTL SE,speakers.I auditioned my set on a Atma Sphere OTL.
I'd ask Ralph Karsten himself: [email protected] I'm using his M60 II's with Quad ESL's, and they're great: loud enough with half the output tubes removed. Look out for low impedance speakers. But those amps are worth some attention to speaker selection: with suitable speakers, they sing.