Speaker match for B & K 507?

Have heard a lot about B & K sound. 70% music 30% ht. Have a room 2nd floor flat that is 17'L x 7.5'W x 8.5'H Pine floors & walls. Seating 7-10'. 2 channel now probable theater later in a new place. Budget $2000 for 2 spkrs. Sub not possible w/neighbors for now I think. So I'm asking your advice given these constraints, preference but not absolute for USA made, I liked MA Gold 60's & Martin Logan Montage/Mosaic but they might be too much for the room and my $. Meadowlark, Quad?
I listen to many types of music rock, classical, acoustic, folk, blues. Placement 1-1.5' from walls. Looking for clarity and truth more than to bring the walls down and a good match to this reciever.
Great bookshelves for later surrounds vs. Avg. Full Range? Hmmm.