Speaker match for Audio Research CA-50

I am in the process of putting together a second all-tube system for my study. The Audio Research CA-50 is an integrated 45 watt control amp. The room is 12X12 with cathedral ceiling. I'm not looking for any significant volume out of them as much as intimacy. Book-shelf OK, or even stand mounted. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
If you have the vertical room for Dunlavy speakers, the SC-II or III is an excellent choice. The CA-50 is capable of remarkable soundstage width and placement. The symmetrical driver design of the the Dunlavy speaker seems to really enhance that aspect of the electronics. Good luck!
I like the KEF Reference II's. I purchased a Classe 300 watter (to replace my ARC Classic-60 which went into the closet). I borrowed some Ref' IIs and hooked them up to the Classe -sounded pretty good... Out of curiosity, I dusted off the CL-60 and hooked it up. I traded in the Classe and put the ARC back in the system. Great speakers, the price is right, and tube amps love 'em (an almost perfectly uniform impedance curve). Good Listening!
I have been reading about the Triangle series. Very inexpensive and transparent as speakers get, within reason. I think the bookshelf model is $495, biwireable, great value from what I've read (Sam Tellig, Stereophile). Try Audiowaves in Californis, they carry the Triangle model and perhaps the other as well.
Sorry, misprint, they carry the zephyr model (one of the floorstanding models)