Speaker match Conrad Johnson

I have a CJ 2300 amp and CJ PV10 pre amp. Looking for a speaker match and ideas to audition. As my login name suggests I like to crank it up. I am not interested in just loud for the sake of being loud, but clear and dynamic. Yes I dare say it I love rock music but also have a wide collection and tastes that are played at lower levels. Room (smallish) is not the best set up and speakers and would not have allot of breathing room...6ft apart and one would most likely be in a corner. Could be Floor standnig or bookshelf, new or used. It's wide-open folks. Budget 15 – 1800.00.
I would say a Klipsch of some order would work well...Easy to drive. Should mate well with C/J equipment. Maybe a LaScalla or something ( used ) in that size/price range..I am using the KG4s and these things can crank with the best of them. Also sound nice on all music.. Got mine at an estate sale and I don't dare tell you how little I paid!
I'm using Tetra Kids with good effect with CJ.
Vandersteen 2Ce Sigs are what I am using with my CAV50 and they sound superb. But importantly, how big is and what are the dimenstions of the room you're trying to fill?
I suggest Totem Mani 2's because:
1. You will need speakers which blend properly in the nearfield, which multiway horns certainly do not.
2. A small room needs small speakers
3. Given enough power, they will play loudly and full range.
4. Power is no problem with the CJ's 240 watts per side.
5. A used pair can be had the top of your price range
6. They will not murder the human voice, as will many "rock" speakers
7. Later on they will "fill" a large room
Thanks Samujohn That is some well thought out ideas.