Speaker match

What speakers would make a very good match with audio research gear?
Vandersteen is often paired, and even shown at audio shows with Audio Research.
Wilson paired their Watt/Puppy 8 with Audio Research at CES in 2006. It sounded quite impressive.
pretty much anything
Audio Research tube or solid state gear? I was very impressed with Joseph Audio mini-monitors powered by an old D200 (Solid State). What is the power output of the amp you're considering?
Hi,I have a arc vt10011 with a sp15 preamp.
Max - I would take a serious look at the Reference 3A Grand Veena speakers with your A/R gear. That would be a very, very nice reference level setup for you.
Suppose I just upgraded to new ref 210 amps with a ref 3 or ls26 preamp (deciding next week)...my RBH 1266-se/r's just became really outclassed once I hooked up the ARC Ref210's. They are divine to say the least, but got any suggestions?.
These speakers are amazing, and not just for the money. I'm using the Ref 110 with the Ref 3 the CD 7 and the Ref Phono with NBS Omega all around, VPI Super Scoutmaster with Shelter 9000. Of course the 210s are probably even better but I don't know that you need that much power. Haven't heard them or A/B'd the 210s vs the 110 or other amps but I'm sure it's divine, so it could be worth it.