Speaker Management Systems

I have an actively bi-amped, horn-based speaker system. Currently I am using a DBX Drive Rack PA. All I need is two-way crossover, minor time delay and some EQ capability. I don't really use any of the other features including the RTA Wizard.
My question is this: Are there better DSP units out there that cost less than $1000? An AC buddy has recommended the Ashly 3.24 CL that he uses but he lives about 2000 miles away from me, so I can't just pop over and hear it.
Because my horns are very efficient there is a quiet rushing sound emitting from them no matter what I do and the DBX does not have input level adjustment. I'm hoping that moving to the Ashly, or something you recommend, will improve my overall performance and tame the rushing sound. What do you suggest I try?
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The Ashly is a 3.6 now and I would recommend it , I sell them all the time to contractors in the Church and Club installation worlds. If you could find one used an XTA 224 would blow both of these away and be close to your budget range..
I've read good things about XTA while fumbling around on the web. In what ways would I find the XTA 224 superior to my other options?
"In what ways would I find the XTA 224 superior to my other options?"

I would also like to know why.
The dbx’s 4800 and the Sabine's systems are great..being the last one one of the pioneers in the field of digital signal processing.