Speaker listening position higher than tweeter

I purchased Spendor Speakers 1/2E with speaker stands. The stands are pretty low. Even with the stands, the speakers tweeter is below my position on my bed in the bedroom. I believe these stands were recommended for these speakers. I am not the original owner. In any event, is getting a higher stand my only good option or can I put something under the stand to elevate them further?
Try tilting them up slightly first. How high are the stands you have now? I use 15" ones with my Spendors.
I believe the original stands built for the BC1s and SP1/2s were to allow for the first floor wave off the driver, but most I have seen use taller stands to get the image up. I use 19" VCI stands with my new (used) SP1/2s, and my ears are precisely in line with the middle driver for IMO excellent balance and image height.

The stands that came with the Spendors I bought on Audiogon are 13 inches high.

How can you safely tilt these speakers upward?

A 19 inch stand may be the way to go.


Here's the link to the stands I think work well, and they are not bad for $100 shipped. I have them and have been very pleased:


Don't you find the base of the VTI to be too small for the Spendor Speaker
My splendor 1/2e speakers are big but not floorsstanding and looking to raise 20 inch off ground. The current stands are only 12 inch high. I thought of finding a way to tilt but think might be unstable
Is it a dumb idea to leave each speaker on it's speaker stand and put the stand on a low height coffee table to get tweeter near ear height?