Speaker Lifespan

Barring a blown driver, tweeter, etc. How long before sound starts to obviously degrade? I have Mirage Bi Polars that are 12 years old. Not looking forward to replacing them.
Speakers don't last as 'forever' as electronics, but, in my experience, damn near. My Vandersteens are 20 years old and going strong. I once had some advents that I sent the woofers to Florida for reconing. Far as I know the EX is still using them.
multiply 12 by 7, then divide by 7, then subtract 0. that is the actual age of your speaker in human years. they should be fine until they dont work anymore.
you need new speakers,then a new amp,then a new...... come on man,keep the econo goin'!!!!
I have a pair of JBL's from 1972 and no problems what so ever. Maybe the crossover caps start changing value over decades??
It depends on the material being used, especially for the driver cone surround. Foam is (albeit musical sounding) very susceptible to rot, while rubber is more durable. I think the Xover components are not subject to degradation, because of the relatively low voltage of the signals and the low ambient temperature.

My speakers have followed me throughout my life, with various members of the family. My son uses my Monitor Audio MA8's circa 1990. My mother uses the first speakers I ever bought, Leak Mini sandwich's circa 1965. Mind you, she is pretty deaf now and I am not sure if she notices if sound is coming out at all, never mind deteriorating drivers.
So, a challenge, has anyone got speakers 41 years old still working. Leak, British engineering for you.
How about Goodmans Axiom 80s
Despite their really low power handling most are still going strong after nearly 40 years-and in many ways they are still the best sounding speaker ever.
My ultralinears in the garage are still going strong. They were purchased in 1976. I had to replace the foam on the woofers 10 years ago but that's it and they still sound pretty good.

depends on designs, but I have a 1895 edison horn that still works ;) Caps change values with age,surrounds rot, paper surrounds last a long time but driver cones get brittle with age. I have had more than a few voice coils drive right through paper cones on vintage drivers.But over all a good design should last 25 years or longer with repairs. 10-15 without service.
Thanks all, I guess I will them them for some time.
My oldest pair is 47 years old, no repairs to drivers. Well they use fabric surrounds on the extended range "woofer" and have aluminum tweeter compression horns (they have been known to need new diaphragms at least once in a few decades, mine never did) the crossovers each lost a knob otherwise they sound fine. You name the make! BTW they have been played quite loudly.
My R105/3 bought new in 89 I had the foam woofer surrounds replaced with a rubber type in 1990 and when I sold them in 2017 they still rocked. I biamped them with 200/325 8-4 amps at +104 average all the time and they just kept dishing it out. I regularly buy 10-15 year old speakers to enjoy the sound I couldn't justify new and haven't been disappointed yet.