Speaker jumpers

I have a pair of 805 Diamonds with the stock jumpers in place.Has anybody replaced these with upgraded jumper wires and got better sound?Do you think it would make a noticeable improvement?Factory jumpers look pretty wimpy for expensive speakers.Thanks!
Chat with the cable manufacturer. They may be able to make a pair with longer tails on the amp end
Really depends on the speaker. It's quality and interior wiring.
Have Vandy 3A Sig's and they sound better with Cardas jumpers than they do with either the factory jumpers or bi-wired per Richards instructions. The Cardas really made the top end and highs blossom and open up as if I had 50% more speaker.
Like some one posted earlier it's a trial and error crap shoot.
I had tried both on the LF speaker binding post with good bass, then both on the HF with good definition, with the Jumper installed approriate; but, connecting the red (+) on the bass LF, and the black on the High frequencies binding post, there are more sound stage, for me the best with my speakers.  You must try many connexions patern for your best result.