Speaker jumpers on Tannoy System 12's

Good day, folks...can anyone advise me here? I'm running single speaker wires into bi-wirable speakers (Tannoy System 12's). Should I attach the cables directly to the HF posts and jumper 'down' or vice versa? Does it matter? And are these 'built in' jumpers on the Tannoys removable or replaceable? Thanks very much.
The woofers use most of the power coming in on the wire, so i would try wires on the woofers, with the jumpers to the tweeters/midrange-tweeters. Also, woofers are slower than mid/tweet.. so the tiny bit longer cable to mid/tweet helps this way, rather than subtracts. (this is theoretical in all but the very most hi end systems.. but every little bit helps.)
Thanks! Very helpful.
Try both ways and see if you can tell a difference,chances are you won't.
They are basically binding posts and they can be replaced, but you would need jumpers if you weren't bi wiring and/or need to adjust the tweeter. Remove the screws on the back plate (careful, the coil may be attached to the box separately). Remove the screws to the circuit board and below it are their binding posts. If you do replace them, shoot me a email. If you are reasonable I'll buy them from you.
On most decent systems in a room without too much ambient noise a person with good hearing can indeed tell the difference between wiring the M/T vs. woofer. You should try it both ways. Likely you will hear a "significant" ( subjective term in this discussion) difference. You should hear clearer, more delicate treble and riper midrange if that is wired up; however, the bass will soften and lose a touch of tightness.

Conversely, if you wire the bass you will get it tighter, but then you will lose a bit of clarity and forwardness on the treble and mid.

Once you are disgusted that you cannot have the benefits of both, then I suggest you bi-wire. :)