Speaker Jumpers

I am using Cardas speaker cables. Is it better to replace the cheap brass speaker jumpers with Cardas wire jumpers or the solid copper jumpers ?
Yes, get the same brand, if possible the same model of cable for the jumpers.
Yes, I've heard you should use the same model cable for jumpers. I was wondering if anyone has tried the Cardas solid copper jumpers. They come unplated, gold plated, and rhodium plated. As for the no reply, why not?

I doubt that a few inches of metal (round, square, flat) as ANY effect on SQ! Look inside your speakers. A lot of wire of so-so quality connecting drivers and crossovers! And you're worrying about mere inches? 
...I think I hear a diff since I biwired  my Gershman Avant Gardes - have you considered that? 
Bi-wiring is different than using a few inches of jumpers!
I appreciate all the feedback. Thanks. I may consider bi-wiring.
... robertjerman: do you think one is superior to the other?
If you like your current Cardas speaker cables and they're not bi-wire, I recommend trying Cardas stranded (not solid) jumper cables instead of going straight to bi-wire. My personal experience is that stock brass jumper plates, or solid rods or plates, had a very negative impact on SQ. I've been using bi-wire for some time, but always used a quality jumper cable when not bi-wiring; using the same brand and model of jumper as the speaker wires. Bi-wiring may or may not do anything for you over the quality-jumper approach.
OP, another thing to consider is to borrow a bi-wire set of cables from your local Cardas dealer, if possible, and try that before deciding whether to use a high-quality jumper cable or go to bi-wiring.
I appreciate all the good feedback and advice from all of you. I would like to bi-wire but my speaker cable model are no longer being made. It's too bad because my amp is made for bi-wiring. The Maze Reference jumpers look really good and are not expensive. I am going to try them because I can't get jumpers of my model cables either. I'll let you know how it works out when I get them. Also, I can take my time and look for a used set of my speaker cables for bi-wiring. I just started to break in a new pair of speakers and that's why I want everything to be right.
I don't know if the Cardas solid jumpers are better than the wire ones. I have never tried either one.
Cardas may be able to reterminate your speaker cables so they are bi-wired. Call them.