Speaker Isolation options for wood floor

My floor standing speakers are on carpet on a typical wood floor (second story). It seems that just using spikes would couple them to vibrations and "spring" of the floor. Therefore, are there any particular effective isolation methods being used (pads in combination with footers for example) that folks have found to be effective?
There are tons of isolation solutions for speakers, and you're going to get a lot of advice. But why not first try some high spikes and dig them into the carpet?
I have a suspended carpeted wooden floor, so I put my floorstanders on polished granite slabs. 500mm x 600mm x 35mm
Still using spikes resting on stainless steel pucks that are countersunk in the center to accommodate the spikes.
This works a treat, the improvement it made to the sound was substantial.
One disadvantage the speakers are easily bumped out of position, when cleaning etc. They slide easily on the pucks and they weigh 40 kilos each. That being said they are easy to get back into position as I have marked the position with a wax crayon.

As they are in a dedicated room the fact that there slabs on the floor matters little. This could be a problem in a living area, although smaller slabs would still do the trick.