Speaker input, which one, Magico, Avalon, Yg, Rock

Tough decision, Have recently updated all my Spectral with all the latest Spectral, 400 Dma, 4000sl, 30ss11. I currently have Avalon Edilons, 2002 purchased. I like the sound but am looking for a better bass. I like music not over detailed or bright, I need to hear before I purchase, but will never hear all of the above in one place. I would appreciate input as they relate to Spectral . I am considering, Magico q30, Avalon compas, Yg KIpod 11passive, and Rockport Atria. All are excellent speakers, but which is the most musical and fits my 15 by 18 by 10 ft room. Thanks. , I also like the soundstage I now have
My Eidolons are not as old as yours, not that it maters. I'm a Bass player and the Eidolons went straight to my heart from the very beginning, With my large room I supplemented with a pair of Velodyne subs. I'm not in the full range camp. I prefer to have control over the extra low frequency.

At this level I'm sure your expecting the audition for yourself answer here and I couldn't agree more. I've heard Avalon has designed a few new models that provide more bass and I don't think their site has been updated. Shoot them an email.
Thanks for the response, I really do like the Avalons as they have great soundstage and a great mid and hi end, If thymine had a more extended bass and tighter, I would keep,them. I understand the new Compass may solve my ishes
I don't know your budget, but I'd consider the Rockport Aviors.
Agree that you need to hear these for yourself. Goodwins High End in Boston could set up their Spectral gear which matches yours and the Magico and Rockport speakers in their middle room which is also about the size of yours. Take your software and spend four hours comparing.

This is what I did when I was interested in a bunch of $20K speakers. They set up the room to be similar to mine with the speaker orientation on the long wall and left me alone with my LPs and a buddy for three hours. I learned exactly which speaker I preferred in that setting and it got me hooked on the brand.

Sounds like you have a fun task ahead of you.
I have never heard any of these but Jeff Fritz over at ultra audio has had a number of articles comparing the two brands. If sound is more or less equal the looks of the Rockport would win me over.


I purchased all my Spectral from Goodwins and may need to make the trip, since I have a small room the Aviors are too large for my room and wife!!!!
If you like the sound of your Eidolons then you might like Salk SoundScape 10s or 12s. They have the same midrange driver as your Eidolons and flat tight base to 21Hz and 18Hz respectively. They can be run with a closed or open back. The midrange should be somewhat similar to your Eidolons with the closed back. When you open the back, the music just blooms with a beautiful live sound.

For some reason the Opus doesn't show up on the Avalon products page.

I have heard the YG's with the Spectrals and am still dreaming about it.
Cerrot, was it a good dream, Which YG and what was your impression. We're they open with wide soundstage, not harsh etc

They were the Kipods and it was such a huge, wide, deep soundstage I could have dove off my chair into it. I was incredibly jealous as it was so much deeper and wider than what I have. It went on forever. Not harsh at all but I goota say, I remember the source was vinyl but could not tell you which or what I was just so mesmerized with the olympic size swimmingpool between/behind the speakers. The most impressed amps/speakers made me since I heard the living voice/shindo at In Living Stereo almost 12 years ago.
Thanks, where did you hear the kipod s, AT which dealer? I would be interested in talking to them
I am also a bit perturbed by Stringreen's comments on the YG. I had a good listen to these at last year's California Audio Show using Ypsilon amps and an Esoteric transport + DAC pair and I was super impressed by them. I listened to the Carmels for a while and then Robin Loggie switched in the Kipods. A family sound for sure, but the Kipods took it up a few levels. I agree with Cerrot about the imaging.

This was in a small hotel room.


It was a friend of an associate at his very large apartment. I was very impressed as I never get surprised by gear like that. Well, once when I was a kid, which I am still paying for.
There are many people that go ga ga over the Magico, I am not one of them (dry and brittle to my ears), but many do. However musicality is not the usual reason given and IMHO, for musicality, the Rockport wins hands down.

The same with YG's - some go ga ga over them but musicality is not the usual reason given.

You may want to consider purchasing a REL G series (G1 or G2) sub. They can be seamlessly dialed in with Avalons (see my system page).

I have my REL G1 crossed over at 28 HZ and have its volume turned up to only 8 (scale 0-40). It give just that necessary added weight and support. Every audiophile I've had over listening to the system can't believe how seamless it is.

I've heard the Compas isn't as refined as the Eidolons, which are a classic design. A REL sub would be a minimal investment compared to new loudspeakers and if you don't like it, could easily be sold on Audiogon. Just a thought.
Have not heard the YGs with your electronics. But have heard them with many, many others. Auditioned speakers from most in there price ranges and bought the Carmels, and now own the Kipod II signatures (active). Use them in a 14 x 19 x 8 foot room. Zero regrets on either pair of YGs I have owned.
Open, with wide/deep soundstage, and very good imaging, without being harsh is a good way to describe them.
Tom, thanks for the input. I definitely want to hear the Kipod II signatures passive.. One of the things I like so much about my Edilons is the wide sound stage and very nice mids and highs. They are very musical, not harsh. If I can get a tighter and lower bass and even better mids etc and great soundstage then that is what I am looking for.
I agree with Philb7777 suggestion. There are fab powered subs avail. You can play around with a pair of "great" speakers forever and not attain the balance available with a single sub. Avoid inevitable added complexities. Your existing amp & speakers will continue the magic you now enjoy. Dial in your bass to virtual perfection with the tuning adjustments of a great powered sub. Get a great dedicated interconnect for the sub. Heaven awaits :). I am envious of your situation. Oh to have such a decision. (By the way trying subs is easy). Goodwins carry the JL line and should be happy for your call.
Philb7777 and Ptss
If you think a single good sub properly dialled in makes a good system great,wait till you hear a pair of seamlessly integrated subs mated to high end speakers (a pair of REL G1s in my case). It will take your system to a different level.
Happy listening
One of the things i was concerned with when moving from my Carmels with a pr. JL Audio F110 subs to Kipods was wether the Kipods could compete with the F110s. The subs with the YGs are on a much higher level.
Vicksburg, I have had a chance to compare the passive and active Kipods at YG. The passive is a little more coherent IMO. But depending on room and the amps used, not the best choice for everyone.
Sunnyboy - a second REL G1 is on my list. Getting a new preamp in the next few months first.
08-31-13: Bhobba
There are many people that go ga ga over the Magico, I am not one of them (dry and brittle to my ears), but many do. However musicality is not the usual reason given and IMHO, for musicality, the Rockport wins hands down.

The same with YG's - some go ga ga over them but musicality is not the usual reason given.

Bill, you have very strong views against Magico and have had for many years. Nothing has changed. Actually Jeff Fritz compared both the S5 & Avior and personally told me he prefers the S5. The S5 is a very smooth, fluid (liquid) and well balanced/coherent speaker. Matched with Vitus gear and Jorma Prime cables, the sound is very musical and anything but dry and brittle! Rockport's top speakers are very good, yes. But the Avior is overrated imho and doesn't walk all over the S5 as you suggested. Each to their own..
Interestering responses, any comments on the Rockport Atria or the the Avalon Compas??