Speaker info

I’m looking for some information in regards to room size and speaker size. I have a pair of B&W 801S3 in a room that is relatively small. It measures 17’LX10’WX8’T. I know the room size is not using the 801’s any justice. When I had them in my larger room, they sounded unbelievable. I had purchased a pair of Aerial Acoustics #9’s which I placed on my main system in the larger room which measures 34LX18WX8’T and moved the 801’S upstairs to the smaller room. I’m asking for opinions first rather than moving these speakers all over the house. They’re all heavy as hell. The Aerial’s have (4) 7” woofers vs the B&W’s have a 12”. Is there a benefit to using the smaller woofers in a smaller room or does that not matter? Any thoughts?
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It seem they should work, from my experience, but the proof is in the listening.
You said you have already moved them. Have you listened to them in the smaller room?
I didn’t swap them but I figured it out tonight and with some tweaking think it will be fine. The speakers were about 3’ off the back wall but I was trying to achieve a wider soundstage by keeping them as far apart as possible. With that being said, the speaker although tied in with acoustic panels in place for first reflection, the 801 was pretty much on the wall. Low and behold, I moved both speakers away from the wall and moved my listening chairs forward. Wow, width, depth, 3D, definition, muddiness went away, etc. Unreal, a small change made a huge difference.