Speaker Identification Help?

Hi, everyone! Hope you and your families are all safe and well.

I’m hoping you might be able to help me learn a little more about some speakers that were left to me by my father.

These three sets have been used in our family home for many years, but we no longer have a need for all three - and my father passed away a few years ago, so I don’t have access to any original information beyond what is on the units themselves.

The first two sets have model numbers clearly marked on them (Yamaha NS-200Ma and Infiniti 2500), but the third doesn't have any identifying markings. I’m wondering if anyone might be able to point me in the right direction.

This is a link to a Google Drive folder with photos of all three pairs in separate folders.

I’ve found some information regarding the 200/200Ma models online. Our pair is in perfect condition - and, if I were to hold onto one set, I'm inclined to keep those. I don’t know much about the Infiniti 2500s, and I don’t know why that tweeter is missing… 🤔

Ultimately, I’m most interested in identifying the unmarked pair - but any additional information that anyone might have on the Infinitis or the Yamahas would also be greatly appreciated as I try to determine which to keep and how to appropriately and fairly let go of the others (whether it be via sale or donation).

Thanks in advance for your time and help!



Just post the pic here of the one in question.

The unknown ones have 2 nice features. the reset button is for some overload protection.

and the level control lets you boost or lower mids and or tweeters volume relative to the woofer's volume: to refine/balance the sound in any particular space: boost for a dull soft surfaced space; cut for a live hard surfaced space.

It's time to listen.


I finally bought an in-expensive sound meter. It doesn't need perfect calibration, just show individual frequency band DB levels relative to each other. Wish I bought my own years ago. Used a pro's back then.

I have many CD test discs, I like my Carver one best, it has specific track numbers, 9-38, and each track is 1 minute long, far easier to use, press track, watch meter, pause, adjust, press play... back and forth, each speaker to itself/match the other, and then reduce/refine for the combined stereo output. a wonderful tool, tripod, ear level at listening position, refine placement from corners, toe-in .....


Give them to Salvation Army thrift store keep 1 piair for fun.

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Ultimately, I’m most interested in identifying the unmarked pair

The piezo tweeter and L-Pad faceplate are available at DIY site parts-express.com is a hint.