Speaker help - short list needed

I'm looking for a good sounding speaker that is very musical without any harshness or brightness. Looking for something around $1,500 on the used market. Paradigm's are out of the question as their tweeter is a bit much for my liking. For comparison, Sonus Faber makes a sound that I enjoy.
I have the new C1 sig (a bit beyond your budget) and the esotar2 tweeter is the sweetest smoothest I ever heard. Even The esotec/esotar tweeter is very smooth that are in the models Excite 12/16/32's - Focus 160 - Contour S1.4 would be in your budget. There is a used pair of contour 1.8 mkII here too. Ideally you should demo them first.
Chad329, I heartily agree that Vandersteen speakers will NOT sound harsh or bright. Altho they're pushing your budget a little, I think you should look for a pair of 3As. There are always pairs for sale here.
PSB Stratus Goldi - easily one of the best bang-for-the-buck values on the used market! ...can be had for $700 to $800ish with one of the "premium" finishes.

You'll need an amp with some oomph to drive the 4 ohm load.

A very good all-a-rounder!
Green Mountain Audio Callistos.
Good suggestions, I wish I could demo all of these speakers, but I cannot. I will be pairing these speakers with a McIntosh 2205 and more than likely an Anthem AVM40 or AVM50 (do not have the Anthem yet). The Vandersteen's seem to be a very good option at this point for the money. I have heard these paired with McIntosh in the past and they are very easy on the ears.

Keep the reccommendations coming....