Speaker help - short list needed

I'm looking for a good sounding speaker that is very musical without any harshness or brightness. Looking for something around $1,500 on the used market. Paradigm's are out of the question as their tweeter is a bit much for my liking. For comparison, Sonus Faber makes a sound that I enjoy.
Vienna Acoustics-Mozart
Depending on how much bass you are looking for, then you've already said it...Sonus Fabers are wonderful and for 1500, you can buy a lot of SF these days...particularly if you go back 2 generations to the Electa Amators/Extrema generation.

Maggies are very good for the money, as long as you have space and a good, high current amp

Depending on volume, you (might?) be able to look at an older Quad 988? no doubt you can check here.

For even less than SF, if you can find Celestion SL700 or SL600si, they are great speakers. Set up right (very hard to do), they image beautifully, have an incredibly beautiful voicing, and have surprisingly deep bass (but only when set up right on the bass part).

If you want a more disciplined sound that is still quite warm tonally, try PMC (professional monitor company). Or Totem Acoustics.

All for now...if i think of others, i'll post. Good luck and enjoy! pls keep us posted.
Merlin monitors. However, you've given no clues as to electronics, etc. Merlins are not bright unless your electronics are. The Vienna Acoustics-Mozart are very nice sounding and forgiving, they will not image or provide the micro-acoustics that the Merlins will.
Some basic information such as what you will power them with, whether you prefer floor standers or monitors, and what types of music you enjoy may help posters zero in on your best options.
I'm looking for floor standers, something that also packs good bass. Electronics are contingent on the speaker I end up with. I'm basically starting over in my audio quest so I can go any in direction at this point. Just want something musical.
Aerial 6 would be my first choice, other favourites of mine are Linn Ninkas and Spendor A5/ S5e. Each meet your criteria and are fairy easy to place as none are rear ported.
If you are looking for speakers at about $1500 with some good bass I would have a look for Thiel 3.6's but be aware you will need a stout amplifier for them. The other speaker you should take a look at is the Martin Aerius i. There are a pair of black Thiel 3.6's for sale here on Audiogon right now.
Very musical but not floor standers. I use mine on small tables. Brand new only $1700.00 and sometimes can be had on auction much less. The Daber Audio Monitor 3 speakers, really worth a close look. They are well constructed and sing, sing, sing.
Anything Vandersteen
PSB Stratus Gold i
Sonus Faber Concerto Domus. They are beautiful floor standers.
You may get a pair at or around your target price.
I have a pair that I fully enjoy driven by a W4S ST-500 power amp.
Sorry, I should have also mentioned room size being important. If your room is medium to large, check out the link below. For a full, rich sounding speaker, these will be hard to beat for the price. The main rap on these was with the bass response and that may not be an issue with a larger room, although they may not be suited for a smaller room. The manufacturer is outstanding to deal with and I suspect these are still supported. The asking price matches lowest ever on Audiogon.
Here is a link to Stereophile's review:
If you like Sonus Faber check out Vienna Acoustics and Dynaudio
I'll second the Vandersteens.
The Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signatures fit your parameters perfectly, IMO. They appear to be going for just under $1500/pr. used nowadays.

Your own example, Sonus Faber would have been my other suggestion, so it looks like you already have that option covered. :-)
Room size is about 4k cubic feet to 5k cubic feet. I have only heard the Sonus Faber Luito and it sounded good to my ears. I have not heard the Grand Piano, but they are closer to my price in the used market.
Also, which model of Dynaudio are you suggesting? I like the idea of getting away from a metal tweeter. The silk and exotic materials seem to be less harsh to my ears.
At that price would be hard to beat Vandeersteens as a sure thing,tho I belive some KEF models can be had that will best them in clarity and musicality,
Agree on Vandersteens...they have always (as long as i can remember...back to mid 90s) positioned themselves as great value for money speakers that do a lot of things well that other speakers cannot touch...and many other things at a level that is at least on par/competitive.

As for KEFs, my own experience is a bit dated...the first few generations of uni-q felt like they could bite a bit. Perhaps the latest 2 generations are better...again, my own experience is 2 generations out of date, so one person's opinion regarding s/hand KEFs...
I agree with the Vandersteens. I very nice sound.
Vandersteens or Ohms...
I have the new C1 sig (a bit beyond your budget) and the esotar2 tweeter is the sweetest smoothest I ever heard. Even The esotec/esotar tweeter is very smooth that are in the models Excite 12/16/32's - Focus 160 - Contour S1.4 would be in your budget. There is a used pair of contour 1.8 mkII here too. Ideally you should demo them first.
Chad329, I heartily agree that Vandersteen speakers will NOT sound harsh or bright. Altho they're pushing your budget a little, I think you should look for a pair of 3As. There are always pairs for sale here.
PSB Stratus Goldi - easily one of the best bang-for-the-buck values on the used market! ...can be had for $700 to $800ish with one of the "premium" finishes.

You'll need an amp with some oomph to drive the 4 ohm load.

A very good all-a-rounder!
Green Mountain Audio Callistos.
Good suggestions, I wish I could demo all of these speakers, but I cannot. I will be pairing these speakers with a McIntosh 2205 and more than likely an Anthem AVM40 or AVM50 (do not have the Anthem yet). The Vandersteen's seem to be a very good option at this point for the money. I have heard these paired with McIntosh in the past and they are very easy on the ears.

Keep the reccommendations coming....
If you can stretch your budget a little, Shelby + Kroll Nano Monitors and a Woofer Monitor in "b-stock" will run around the 2k mark. Very musical and fun. :-) If you are near or in NJ, drop me an email to set up a listen.