speaker help please, have Perraux pre amp and amp

Hello, I am impressed with this forum and Audiogon .
in 1984:
I bought Perraux pre amp model SM2, dual class A preamp
Perraux dual channel power amp 2150B
had bought ADS 1290's
NAD tuner..not using
nak LX 5 ...not using
nak OM not using..bt this in 1986
now I have harmon Kardon CR 20 dual deck recorder.
I am in the 2k range for speakers..maybe a little more if the extra money could make it even better. I have not upgraded cables so need all new cables for everything....please help with this to connecting the components and speaker cables, have a decent size room to place all this in.
looks like there a alot of choices and
in santa barbara they have B&O, Linn,Revel..and not much else to choose from. So, since I have not bought audiophile equipment in 20 years, it is time for some great speakers.
thanks, Mitch
Well I'm not familar with your speakers but I'm very familar with your amp and preamp (I've owned the full Perreaux stack - 2l50, SM3, and TU3). I would be very careful in buying new speakers, especially very revealing ones. You may find your electronics might not match (I did!). Be sure to do a home audition of anything before you buy if you're dedicated to keeping these electronic's. I'd recommend some speakers for you to think about, but I'm absolutely certain that, fine as they may be, you wouldn't care for them with the Perreaux stuff. Sorry I can't be of more help......