Speaker help please for $2000 US

I am in rural Alaska and 450 miles from a shop. I will not be able to listen to my next purchase. I know that is stupid. I have a Parasound 1500A 2ch amp. I have an older Paradigm sub, the PS-10. A large listening room with a vaulted ceiling. I listen to acoustic folk. I am new to the hifi stuff. Please give me some names and models of speakers that I should be looking at on the net please. I like active quick sound. Big base is big not a big need as I am not into the home theater stuff. Any insight you could give me would be appreciated. I have only listened to the Paradigm Studio 100's v2. Thanks
Olga, look for a pair of Vanderstein 2CIs or 2CEs with SoundAnchor Stands. Martin-Login Areius loudspeakers are also a great bargain and match well with just about any electronics.
Hi Olga: I will put in a late plug for Reynaud speakers. I use the Twins (retail is around $800.00) and would also suggest the Trentes as well if your budget is a bit over $2K. The Twins kill on acoustic music and eveything else that I have thrown at them a well. I have run them with a 75 watt/channell SS amp and a 7 watt/channel tube amp and they have worked well with both. They do not have a deep low end, but they will handle the low "E" on a Fender Jazz bass which is all that I ask and they are one of the most "musical" speakers that I have owned. They are easy on space and the eyes as well.