Speaker Help?

My uncle, who was a massive audio geek, recently passed away. One of things he loved to do was play Dr. Frankenstein with speakers. He has a pair of Paradigm Prestige 95f that he took apart and never put back together. I'm not sure what to do with these. I have found all 6 of the main speakers but unfortunately the tweeters, crossovers and internal wires are missing. What is my best course of action with these? Sell them as is, or attempt to fix them? If I attempt to fix them where is the best place to find parts for these and is the cost of buying the parts really worth it?
Paradigm’s still in business, contact and ask if they’ll provide parts. If so: the cost. Then you’ll know, if they’re worth fixing(to YOU). https://www.paradigm.com/en/support-center Otherwise/if not: list the parts on eBay, U.S. Audio Mart, AudiogoN, etc.
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CraigsList has a category: Free. Post a pic, throw it all in a box, place by curb. Done.
Elizabeth and millercarbon are right toss em and move on. You are just heading into heartbreak hotel.
I disagree with the others. These are $4K/pair speakers. That's considered peasant fodder to many on this forum but that doesn't mean what you have is curbside junk.

If you have an interest in hi-fi, resurrecting these speakers could be a great bargain. All you need do is contact Paradigm and ask if you can buy a pair of matched (important) tweeters and crossovers, maybe some wiring too. Take a multi-meter to the current drivers you have. If the measured resistance mostly matches their individual impedance rating (within 15% or so), and you don't hear any rubbing when gently pressing on the cones, they're likely good.

I wouldn't be surprised if all the parts you need can be had for <$500 (most of the production cost of like speakers comes from the cabinets). If you think it better to just sell the parts you have now, join Audio Karma, start a thread on them, make a few posts, then list them for sale in their classifieds. That forum has a much larger population of DIYers.
Thanks for the help and advice guys. I've tested all 6 of the main drivers and they all are fine. I hate to just trash them because they are beautiful speakers. I'll contact Paradigm and go from there.