Speaker help

I would really like your opinions, I had Infinity Kappa 8's for 20 years. Ran them with an Adcom GFA 555 II. I could only get into the lower 80 spl's before the Amp would start flashing it's warning lights. At that volume I thought things were great. I checked out that big convention in Chicago last spring and was in awe of all the manufacturer rooms. 
   However, they all had multiple amps so being impressed I didn't know what the reason for the great sound.
     So I went to one of the best stores in Milwaukee (Audio Emporium). I fell in love with the Bryston A2's. Paid about $3300.00 for them. They also recommend replacing my old Adcom amp so I bought a Emotive XPA.
    So happy but missed the body punch that the Infinity's had. Purchased a sub and things are great.
    I now can get up to 100 on both my meters, but normal range is around 90 when I whant to crank it.
    Last summer a fellow member on this forum invited me to listen to his $50,000.00 system. Since he was in my area I took him up on it but he never responded.
    I'm sure he had second thoughts of a stranger coming to his house.
    Since 1976 I have had by far the best system among my group of friends. They love my type of music and sound but they are not into the higher end. Give most if them a few drinks and they would be happy listening through a sea shell.
    I have had a couple friends come over for a listen and I can get tears from them with my sound.
So, I'm so happy now but am I missing better sound? At 64 years old I don't want to miss out on something better.
     If anyone is in the Milwaukee area with a really expensive system can I check it out. I'm more than willing to provide you with any and everything about me to eliviate worries about my integrity.
Thanks to you all.
I think being happy is the key. :)

There were several  Infinity speakers with hard to drive crossovers. Sometimes you can find semi-pros who rework them to improve upon that.

I think the things you may want to check out are, better room acoustics, and see about just how well you can integrate that sub, and DAC's. DACs are super good over the last 5-10 years. 
Try this too.  Put your speakers about 3-4' apart, and sit like 1-2' away from them. Everything you hear in terms of detail up close is what the speakers and equipment can do. You can't hear them at your normal location because of room acoustics.

+1 on room acoustics treatment
Agree, room treatment (when placed correctly) does wonders.
nice offer, building a real community in addition to the valuable virtual community 
IF you get to Seattle or Southern California, you are welcome at my place. I generally never listen in the 100’s tho....Great that you have an SPL meter  - few here seem armed w facts beyond a cell phone app that is off by quite a bit typically

look into local audio clubs, they can be a wealth of experience and music sharing

buy Jim Smiths book getting better sound, Leica or Bosch laser to ensure hyper accurate setup.

take to heart Erics constant advice on treating the room a bit

The Bryston are pretty neutral, I use the mini A in a mobile recording rack. Did you get Bryston subs ?


Hop a flight to Newark Liberty in NJ via Chicago O'Hare (NY Shuttle with multiple flights during the day) and arrange with Brian of Charney Audio to pick you up and demo his speakers. Wonderful engaging sound that envelops the listener and draws you deep into the music. Minimal to no room treatments needed.
New speakers can be an expensive proposition and a good demo can be a huge $$$ saver.
I second the Charney Audio visits.  It will be a worthwhile trip and you can let your ears decide for yourself of how good a system can be.
Dude!  Put your butt in ur car and get down to Chicago and go listen to some speakers!!!  I'll just give you a couple, but there are more.  Go to ProMusica and listen to ProAc, Totem, and the new Quads.  Then go to Holm Audio and listen to Nola, KEF, and PBN.  C'mon man!!   You're an hour away from hearing some of the world's best speakers.  Get your butt off the couch and take a short drive!!!  Do u know how many people on this site would kill to hear what you can by traveling an hour?  You are in a gifted position.  Use it! And BTW, you can probably replace your Emotiva amp with something better and get exactly what you're looking for from your Brystons.  Just sayin'. 
Another + for room treatment
Another + for Jim Smith's book Get Better Sound
Another + for get out and listen at dealers
Another + for my friends like my system but none of them have one...
Contact Emerald Physics (sells direct) to see who has their 2.8s in your area.

2.8s received an Absolute Sound award

I have the KCIIs with upgrades similar to their Pro model. One of the veery best speakers I’ve owned, including Genesis Vs, Accoustat 2 + 2s, Nearfield Pipedreams, Magnepan 3.5Rs

KCIIs < $2500

2,8s MSRP $9998, but they run specials,
If you're happy with what you have just enjoy it. In this hobby there is always something better and Constantly chasing it can take away from our pleasure of just listening.