Speaker help....?

I previously ran Magnepan 1.6 with Metis pre and Odyssey Stratos. But I also run a HT and basically had to lug the Maggie's out for 2 channel listening. My room is somewhat large at 17X22.
So now I'd like to buy a sweet hybrid integrated amp (50 watts or more), such as a Vincent, Jolida or one of the nice rebadged variations and buy an "easy to move" speaker that won't hurt my aging bones when I want to listen.

Two front-runners are the Revel M22 and the Dynaudio 140. I'd prefer to run them without a sub, so some reasonable bass output is preferred. I've heard both and love them...along with the original M20, but want more options.

In short....what other speakers give these two a run for the money (new or used) for 2K or less? I'd consider a floor-standing model so long as it's easy to move. I'm even looking into the odd Duevel Planets. I heard a pair and was very impressed. So, would the Audiogon experts toss out some other ideas?

Thanks for any ideas, folks!

I have the Revel M20 and also the Dynaudio Audience 42 which I know is substantially cheaper but really holds its own. Not sure if the 140 shares the same specs as the 42 in terms of drive ability but the 42 is one tough cookie to drive. It will shut down my 100 watt Creek Destiny if I play them loud for an hour or so. The M20 does not have the same problem. I don't think the M20 blow away the 42 but I'd say they do sound better but there is a big place in my heart for the Dynaudio sound, it's just so easy to listen to.

2 other speakers I have on my list but have not heard but I would consider strong contenders in this class are the PSB Platinum M2 http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/psb_platinum_m2.htm
and the Paradigm Reference Signature S2 http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/paradigm_signature_s2.htm
If you run monitors, then you will need to also move stands, probably massed stands. A small floorstander makes more sense. Spendor A-5 is light, sounds good.