Speaker Help!!!

I'm currently in the market for some new speakers - around $2K or less. I have SS gear (Hafler)and digital front-end (Parasound and Audio Alchemy). My current speakers are locally made and retailed for about $1k. They are full-range, floor standing using a 6" kevlar driver. 1 1/2 Vifa tweeter and they are ported. My room is 24'X 17' and celings are vaulted to 12'. My problem is the entry way to the room is where my speakers are so I can only get them 14" from the back wall. They are approx 10' apart and my listening area is appropriately back. The speakers image very well and I have decent depth in the stage but it could be a LOT better. It is virtually impossible to move the speakers any further in the room - I have a wife and 2 small children! I have heard the Vandersteen 2ce and the Snell CV. Any recommendations as to which speakers (other that these too) would perform well with these limitations? I hear the Vandys need a lot of space from the back wall!
Try the Hales Revelation 2 or 3. They are great speakers for the price. I have heard them at a friends home. They are not ported so you should do well since you have to place them so close to the wall. I have a pair of Hales Transcendence 5 and they are magic. The Revelations are very musical as well. Check them out and you will be amazed. Good luck.
Second on the Hales Rev2(1800) or Rev3(2200); I have both(3 for the front and 2 for the back). I auditioned everything and IMO they are the best for the money in sound and looks. They appear used on Audiogon, but sell quickly. The 2s sound as good but don't play as low. If you use a sub, the Rev2 would be fine. The Rev3 is 4ohm so it will pull the power out of your Hafler. They really handle the power. Good luck.....LR
Don't buy the Vandersteen if you don't have the room... I have the same situation as you with the kids, and use Avalon accoustics. They don't like to hug the walls either, but I pull them out when the kids are snoozing...
I definately agree with the Revelation two and three. I have heard them in a room roughyl your size and they were fantastic. I bought the twos about a year ago and haven't felt any desire to upgrade to date.
NHT 2.9's are designed to be close to the walls.
Thanks for the input! I'll certainly audition the Hales. 3 out of 5 posts can't be wrong! Any other recommendations? Tony