Speaker Height?

Does speaker height play any part at all in the performance of a floorstanding speaker? When in the sitting position isnt your goal to have your mid and highs at ear level?
most speakers will follow the mid, tweeter at or near ear level, I like a woofer up top for a bigger and fuller sound, having had dynamic speakers, the Electrostats and now a high and low placed woofer with tweeters in the middle (my speakers happen to have a full length mid ribbon)...all the same I like what the woofer on top and bottom do for the sound.
As usual, there's no simple answer. From my listening experience, I'd say there is SOME correlation between soundstage size and the size of the speaker. However, the talents of the designer(s) and the design goals can confound your expectations in some cases. A speaker's dispersion characteristics and your seating distance from the speakers also influence how you perceive sound. Dipolar speakers tend to sound bigger than their physical size might lead you to expect.
Tweeters should be as close to ear level as possible. Period. It's simple physics. The shorter the wavelength, the more directional it is. Unless it's an omnipolar design, the high frequencies from the tweeter as so directional that moving even a little bit will alter the sound. It is because of the tweeters that you can get such a dramatic difference in soundstaging, imaging, etc. by moving speakers even a few inches.
Sure does... too low and you risk to knock over the beer can or wine glass... an essential part of the experience.
so from what i make out of all the responses is the further you sit the bigger the sound stage and the closer you move toward the speakers. your sound stage will seem to lower its self. so my next question as a guideline speakers should at least 3 feet high.

the reason i ask is i need to purchase a pair of speaker and i;m havin the dammest time with deciding. my listen taste vary from day to day. One day i could be listen to zeppelin the next day james taylor, the next alice in chains and so on. My music collect is so board that my choice of a speaker is so important. I need big dymanics yet if i have on miles davis i dont what a pounding stand up bass in my head. i need at speaker that is all around satisfing.

currently i use primare I21 and CD21 with a Music Hall MMF5. I was considering QUAD 22L or Triangle Antal.

I'm lost because at the same I love the Thiel 1.6's they sound amazing but Zeppelin would die on them. Imagine playing a whole lotta love on the 1.6's I;m sure it would image very well but has soon as the drums and guitars hit there climate the thiels would suffer a heart attach.

please help 2300 is my budget