Speaker grill material, any real difference?

I need to replace the speaker grill material on a pair of Infinity Renaissance 90 speakers. After looking online there really is not much out there. It all seems to be the basic $15 a yard stuff. Is this what all the mfg's use? Or is there an "audiophile grade" material. I would hate to think I am spending only $30 when I could fork out the big bucks.
I would hate to think I am spending only $30 when I could fork out the big bucks.

I feel you pain man !!!!!!
You need to get 'naked', so you can enjoy better sound. Grilles must go, so forget amount 'cloth'.
Jsd, your search for the expensive option means you have "arrived". You are truly an audiophile, and you made me laugh. Contact the speaker manufacturer for help?
After Shakti Stones and breaking in power cables I figured this would fit right in.
I'am ready for the flak now.
Don't audiophiles take the grilles off during listening sessions?
Fabric material for speaker grilles usually doesn't cost much. As suggested by Mike60, perhaps the speaker manufacturer might be able to help if you really need to get the grilles fixed.
All Hail Jsd52756 on his arrival to the DARK SIDE...
'Never spend less than you can on audio'...it's so written in the stars.
My foray into audio changed my entire life.

Seriously...Single strand, double knit polyester is probably perfect. Most cloth stores offer it.
It's acoustically transparent and easy to work with and, cheap.

There is no cloth that is acoustically transparent. Use your brain. ANYTHING that is placed in front of a transducer, WILL(in one way/degree or another)have an effect on the sound radiated. Some speaker systems are tuned for their grille cloths, but that is rare. That's why most systems sound better, with the grilles removed.
Granted anything will affect the sound, I like the way they sound with the grills on. Actually the manual states to leave them on as well. I think since these speakers have both planer type and cone type drivers the cover helpes blend the sound properly... Maybe?
"Single strand double knit polyester?" Sounds like one of my old disco shirts. I'll check it out, as well as the standard issue stuff.
Speaker designers final voice their speakers with the grills on....therefore, the fabric will make a difference. Take a sample of original grill material to your fabric store and ask for a duplicate material with similar weave.
Some "grill cloth" is more accurately described as "acoustically translucent" not "acoustically transparent".

Using whatever the speakers were designed for would be prudent.
Not to miller the thread, but what type of adhesive do you recommend to attach the cloth to grill frame? Im thinking of re-doing mine (manuf. says $400. for new ) but unsure of best adhesive. The frames are metal.
@Wino- A thin bead, from a hot-melt glue gun. Work fast, as the glue cools quickly. Trim excess material with an X-ACTO #1. Done correctly; it's a whole lot neater than any other method.
Thank you Rodman.
Hi all ! I took the grilles from my Thiels to a car audio shop . They recovered them with the same looking stuff that was original . Think I paid $20 for both .