speaker grill material


I am looking to change the colour of my grill material more to my wife's liking. I need a silver grey colour: Does anyone have any experience in such things and can offer a good mail order place to buy? I looked around the web a bit and found a couple, but prices were anywhere from 9usd-70usd a yard and not that I do not trust mail order via internet, I do not trust mail order via internet.

Don't know if they do anymore, but crutchfield used to offer different color grill cloths.
I used Acoustical Solutions a couple of years ago [ http://www.acousticalsolutions.com/ ]. They sent me sample that are very helpful, especially for the WAF.

Also, I have these book marked for a future project, but have not used them:




These are old bookmarks so the fact that they are still there implies they are legit. You can also try Parts Express, Radio Shack, or JoAnnes.

Personally, I would call Acoustical Solutions and ask for some advice, and some samples. They are very professional and we in HT/Audio are small customers to them [they do Highway soundproofing too], but they spent some time with me and their stuff made my installation really good looking.

Keep in mind that some grill cloth is not very stretchable. Sometimes this is good, but sometimes it makes it hard to work with (corners).

All this stuff is Internet/Mail Order, aside from JoAnne Fabrics, I don't know where else you would turn. I hope this helps a little.

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antique electronic supply-site is www.tubesandmore.com
They have a great selection and can be quite inexpensive.
I've bought grill material from Parts Express, but I think they give you a choice of black, black, or black.

The other place I've gone is a local fabric store. Your wife may know of one in your town. If you have a large fabric store maybe let your wife help pick it out, but make sure you get a really open and streatchable knit fabric. The other benefit of a local shop is you can always find remnants that have more than enough for speaker grills and at 30 cents on the $.