Speaker Front Cover

Need comments, How do you feel use or not use speaker cover is better? I found that 90% of speaker are no use, why? Thanks
No cover better. Do we all need to go on this thread and have to say why, isn't this as obvious as the sun? Are you really smart enough to be a part of this hobby, it only takes 2 ears. Lately there has been too many idiotic questions on this site.
Ikinat, not that simple, you should listen both ways. Sound will be slightly brighter without speaker cover, and speaker manf may design speaker to sound more natural with cover in place. Try both ways and check with manf. for their recommendation........Also please refrain from petty name calling, Larry asks a legimate question, Sam
A very legitimate question. Most speakers will sound better with the grills removed, however, some manufacturers specifically voice their products to compensate for grill effects. BTW, if you leave your speakers ungrilled, how often do you clean the dust off your drivers? I find metal/ceramic drivers the easiest to clean and the polypropylene/rubber drivers the hardest.
first of all, I think this hobby or this site is not about how smart you are!!! It's about music lover who try to get the best sound out of the things!!! I don't know what your guy's ears made of but I don't see any diferrent remove or not Ithink it must be the cheap speaker that I listening to (Andra)Brah... brahhhh....brahhhhh If your ears can tell the diferrent please do what it take to make your system sound better! Good luck Lawence, Cheap guy.
In general I would believe this is true. However, in some cases the speaker grill is actually part of the speakers sonic design. The Spica TC-50 and 60 are examples of this. The grill actually contributes to the damping characteristics of the speaker and should be left on. The tweeter has heavy damping on either side to combat side wall interactions.
I have found the sound without the grills more detailed, focused and more there there vs. with grills on on My Dunlavy SC-V's. Occasionally I try with them on and almost always go back to removing them. Dunlavy claims no change with or without but in my setting I have a both percieved and measured differences in upper mid/low treble range.
Good question.Its a matter of your ears.Listen with and without.Its allways your preference.