Speaker for Yamaha AS2000

Hi all. I am requesting recommendations for speakers to go with my new Yamaha AS 2000 amplifier. My price point is under $7000.00.

Room size is 22ft Wide X 25ft Length. 13 Ft Ceiling. The room features wood floors and rather thick leather couches and chairs.

I enjoy rock, blues and Jazz and do not play my music at loud volume.

Thank You.
I’d recommend the Ohm 4000 at $5500. The Ohms simply do everything right, aren’t sensitive to room placement and unlike the older Walsh series, are not difficult to drive. Your AS2000 will easily drive them.

In the past 40 years I’ve owned/reviewed/sold the following speakers:
Wharfedale W60; EPI 150; Braun L710; DCM Time Window; Spendor SP1/2; Mirage M3-si; Monitor Audio Studio 6; APL Serenade; JM Labs Daline 3.1, Micron Karat; Wisdom Audio 50; Clements 206d;, Shamrock Eire; Equation 7, 9; Silverline S12, SR15, SR17, Panatella, Sonatina, Sonata; Galante Rhapsody, SAP Quartette; Klipschorn, Klipsch Belle, Heresy, KG4; Shahinian Obelisk; Omega Super 3; Harbeth C7II; Lamhorn; Altec Valencia; JM Reynaud Twin, Trente, Offrande; Magneplanar 1.2 GPA 604-8H; Ohm Micro Walsh, 100, and the 3000 which I now own.

I’ve also listened to countless others at several CES and SP shows. The Ohms are simply what I’ve been looking for all these years. They offer a 120 day trial period in case you don’t like their sound, but I doubt you will return them.
The as2000 should be capable of driving most speakers. Audition as many speakers as you can and see what you like. That is a good sized room, but with a $7k budget, you will be able to find something that works. I love my Harbeth SHL5, but would be looking for a used pair of Harbeth 40.1 if I was working with your budget and room. There are so many great options to choose from within your budget.
I've run both Castle Conway IIIs & Daedalus DA-1s w/hot rodded
crossovers. The AS-2000 is the best amp I've paired w/either.
My room is a bit larger @25x30x16, & I would recommend any of Lou's
Daedelus speakers. The Castles have a marvelous midranges clarity & presence,but don't reach quite as low. Biwiring via the A/B terminals paid big dividends. The Daedalus r single wire & really came on song w/the grunt of the Yammy.... Nice choice. I also run the matching CDS-2000, a
tube preamp, & a Modwright Transpoter all thru the same AS-2000. The Yamaha is a neutral, musical, & versitle piece of audio gear. I hope to introduce a Rega P-6 into the mix soon to try the mm/mc. It's a fun system to play & listen to all types of music thru, very even handed thru the frequency range, lots of detail retrieval, great separation of instruments, & doesn't add it's own colorations, so you really 'hear the speaker'.

The new Polks or even Yamahas own spkrs. r a couple of other options, & the Ohms would b on my short list to try. 2nite we r listening to Mickey Harts new release Mysterium Tremendum thru the Daedelus & it really fills the room nicely. Soundstage is really wide & deep w/the tube pre driving the Yamaha amp ins. A real ' rhythmic presence' & a cool recording that
the AS-2000 has no problem unraveling. Good luck....
Thank You - Thank You.

I am going to try the OHM 5000. I am loving the AS 2000 and I also have the CDS 2000 (matching in silver).
Hi I am glad I found you guys, yes I recently bought a Yamaha AS-2000, beautiful, but I have a little problem I don't understand, although I had Yamaha NS 1000, AS-1000 long time ago and never had problems with them, any way I am using Soavo-1 speakers, there is something wrong, and that is: after turning the volume just over 11:00 O'clock, tweeter burnt in short I've lost two tweeters so far that's why I like to change speakers and I need help if some one would please introduce good solid speaker that sounds as good as Soavo-1. Thank you.
04-16-12: Honeybee2012
Thank You - Thank You.

I am going to try the OHM 5000. I am loving the AS 2000 and I also have the CDS 2000 (matching in silver).

Good for you! It's tough to beat an omni when it comes to filling a large space uniformly.