speaker for TEAC ref 300 min series

I just purchased the TEAC 300 series mini components...amp,
cd player and tuner and now I need small mini monitors.
Ive narrowed my choice down to either the Monitor Audio
Bronze 1 or Epos ELS-3.
Which speaker would prove to be the best match for my
TEAC 300 gear?

Thank you
I bought several sets of the Teacs for my daughters, so I know the sound. It is musical and easy on the ears, perhaps a bit soft on the bottom end, but not too gutsy.
I owned the Epos and found them unacceptably rough. The MAs would be better, but do consider the Ascend 170 ($325 new, $250 used) for much better sound than either, or if you can stretch, the MA RS1 or Energy RC-10 (under $400 new on ebay, etc., or around $300 used) for great sound and impressive cabinetry. All should work well with the amp.
Set-up this system for my best friend. Did exceptionally well with the NHT Super Zero (now the NHT Absolute Zero). You can pick up new pairs at a discount from J&R Music and discounted demos from Audio Advisor. You can expect to pay about $300.

The NHT's complement the sound of the Teac. I attribute this to the NHT's being an acoustic suspension design (smoother bass) and their ability to literally disappear. I also used Signal Cbale interconnects and speaker cables.

Regards, Rich
I have the 500 series. Among the speakers I have tried, PSB, NHT, Usher, AE, and some others, PSB and Usher stand out the most. Teac does not have enough damping to control bass well, so find something with easy load.

PSB combination was really pleasant. Detail with air, not harsh either. You can find PSB Image 1B (I think that was the model) for less than $200 on Audiogon.