Speaker for Rogue Cronus Magnum with high WAF

I'm speaker shopping ($2.5k budget), and I'd like to poll all Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum owners -- and other Rogue owners -- on their favorite speakers with good WAF. My listening area is fairly large (20' x 28') with a lot of curtain-less windows and little options on acoustical treatments. I listen to mainly vinyl but some lossless files as well, and my tastes range from 60-70s reggae, indie-rock, electronic, Afrobeat and jazz. I had been using a pair of Audio Physic Yaras Bookshelfs and really like them, but they're too small for my room and am not a huge fan of subwoofers. I'm leaning toward floorstanders but could be swayed toward monitors on stands. (I'd love to go with a pair of Vandersteen 2CEs but the wife doesn't approve, and the cat will think they're the best scratching posts ever.) I'm looking for advice from my fellow Rogue owners, and I really don't want to hear "Oh, but if you could just spend $1k more, you'd love the..." -- $2.5k is even a little stretch.

Thanks for your input!
Find some used Tannoy Eyris DC3 (I had a lovely pair in dark walnut years ago), <= $1400. Make sure thy're the DC version. Perfect.

Check out the Sonist Recital 3. at sonist.com/SonistBrochure.pdf

I am a dealer but don't let that sway you.
I really enjoyed and my wife approves of the Ref 3A De Capos

puts out good bass for a monitor, unobstrusive
i'm running my rogue cronus magnum with vandersteen 2ce sig II's and they go very well together, but you might consider the NOLA boxer at $1500 for a monitor. you'd have plenty left over for stands. or the silverline prelude at $1500 for a floorstander. the rosewood finish looks very decent and is pretty sturdy.
Rogue Audio and Vandersteens.... a pretty magical combination. My wife loves the way the music sounds, and our cats and dogs have never touched the speakers. So there you go..... easy WAF and the pets have been taught to stay away. Good Luck, and Happy Listening.
How about the Dynaudio Focus 220 mk II? Petite floorstanders with nice cabinetry in mahogany, maple, or cherry, or gloss black or white for an upcharge. Originally $3600 but currently on closeout, often for something right in your price range. They can handle up to 250 watts, so bass extension and room-filling sound shouldn't be a problem.
The Cronus Magnum drove my Von Schweikert VR-33s beautifully. They're high WAF speakers being close to the wall and innoffensive in appearance.

Retail exceeds your price and they don't show up used frequently, but you could luck out... I did.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll do some investigation. For what it's worth, I'd love to get the Vandys but they've already been given the thumbs down for their appearance by the wife.

Anyone have experience with Joseph Audio RM22si II, LSA 2, or Tyler Acoustics D3? I saw them all used recently in my range.
Hey Sounds_real_audio,

Where can I audition the Sonist Recital 3 around Los Angeles?

these guys are relatively close:

28281 Paseo Corrales
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

or try

If you cant find a substitute
Try the new Vandersteen Treos
They perform and look pretty
Shoot me an e-mail at tpr3857(at)aol(dot)com.
I own the Yara Evolution Bookshelves too and will never get rid of them! They're just too good a speaker that's now discontinued. If/when they need to go into a bigger room such as your's, I'll still keep them and use them elsewhere. Here I was thinking I was the only one with these speakers. But anyway...

If you really like what you've got and are simply looking for more space filling and a step up in sound quality, have you considered the Tempos? They're my favorite in the AP line. There are better models, but I think the Tempo is the sweet spot in lineup. Close call with the Scorpios.

There's a gentleman selling a pair of Tempo IIIs for $900. No connection to the seller, just saying it may be worth investigating.

I haven't owned Tempos nor your integrated, but I'm lead to believe it should have no problems driving them.
Totem Forests maybe.
"High WAF" depends on the wife. What one thinks looks great, another will shoot down. Think about it... when was the last time a woman truly knew what she wanted? That's not woman bashing - when was the last time an audiophile knew what he/she wanted either?

I am in the Denver area. I should be able to get a pair to you for an in home audition if you don't have a dealer close by.

A pair of Canton Canton Chrono 509.2 speakers would be about $2600 and would be a good match.

I actually was emailing with Randy/Sonist and he put me in touch with a couple local dealers to audition the Recitals soon. (The review in TAS has me intrigued as well.) Thanks for the suggestion.
Yeah, the Yaras were nice but they already sold. I definitely wouldn't rule out another AP speaker. I'm also intrigued by the new Joachim Sonics Anima despite the size -- but paired with a decent sub.
I have a Cronus Magnum and Merlin TSM MXe speakers. New, these speakers cost about $4k (current Is MXr) but they can be found used in the $1500 to $1800 range. I put mine on Sound Anchor stands and they sound just great with the Magnum.