Speaker for Plinius SA250 mkIV

Can anyone advise me on a good speaker for Plinius SA250 IV please? Have listened briefly to Sonus Faber Cremona - sounded good, but quite sparkly at the top, although this could be my ears re-adjusting or the recording/partnering equipment. Have been told that Cremona works better with tubes (but sounded ok to me, and this may just be a preference). Have also tried Wilson Benesch ACT One, smoother, but lacked detail compared to the Cremona. Planning a home demo of the Cremona, but would appreciate other suggestions/opinions.

Music tastes are rock (not metal), female vocal, plus audiophile stuff.

Room size is 23 x 13 feet. Need to have speakers firing along the long wall. Looking for detail at low volume as well as when played loud

Main source is Vinyl

Budget (in UK) about $7500 for used or ex-demo.

Any advice appreciated - thanks
John Marks used the big Plinius with the larger Aerials (either 10t or 20t's). I think he was quite impressed.
I just heard the Plinius SA250 MkIV teamed up with Audio Physic Tempo III's at a dealer (with an Ayre CX-7 CD player). Very impressive - great soundstage! The sound seemed even more transparent than my e-stats. Perhaps, try the Audio Physic Virgos. Have fun!