Speaker for Nuforce iCon..Which ones?

I recently received the new NuForce iCon integrated desktop amp, however, their SP1 speakers are not shipping yet.

So, I am looking for some really good AND really small speakers to be placed on my desk top.

Has anyone found a workable pair? I am pretty sure the output is 12w x 2...

Thanks, John
Did you get the red one? Is it red or pinkish? It is hard to tell in the pic. I want to get one to run as my integrated amp in my main system. I might want to wait for black or blue color, but if the red looks good I might get it now. Im not sure about small speakers though. I heard audioengine 2 or 5 are great but they are powered with an internal amp. You could use the icon just as a dac I guess. Let us know how it sounds!! thanks
Red. It is a metallic red so it has a pinkishness to it, but it does not look pink at all.

I still have no speakers, "reports" on its sound will have to wait. This is my office system and I am usually too busy to play with it.

Holla, they do have a black unit and it's got a nice matte finish.

I just got my Nuforce Icon in and I must say that I'm rather impressed. I've been shopping for an affordable solution for my computer-based media for a long time and finally settled on the Icon because it does just what I want--convert my uncompressed audio to a great analog signal--and does it very well.

As for speakers, I've recently ordered a pair of Energy RC-Minis from Amazon to try them out. I've read nothing short of glowing opinions for their application as a desktop speaker, so we'll see how it goes. Why not go for a better audiophile speaker? Well, the Icon only outputs 12W/CH, so that limits your options. However, if you're like me and are not attempting to fill an entire room with sound, then you can get a nice small speaker such as the RC-Mini or perhaps a Paradigm Atom. If you want to fill a room with sound, I recommend using the Icon as a DAC and feeding it into a more powerful amplifier before getting into speakers that call for > 20W/CH minimum. BTW, I recommend getting the binding post so that you can use better speaker cables.

I also use the Sennheiser HD-280s as headphones with the Icon, and I'm very happy with them. Hope this helps.
I recently bought a Nuforce Icon and paired it with the new Dali Lektor 1's. The Dali's are just amazing with the Nuforce Icon. Strongly suggest you demo this configuration.