Speaker for naim5i-2

thinking of purchasing a new Naim 5i-2 int amp. currently own a pair of Quad 22L's. would like to swap them out for pair of Totem Arro's. question is would this be an upgrade in quality or just a lateral move. Can anyone suggest a small floorstander that would be an upgrade. budget arund 2000.00 give or take
check out Totem Sttaf, very good with my Naim system,
does anyone know if the gallo ref 3.1 matches up well with naim electronics?
what amp are you using?
looking to purchase the naim 5i-2
the naim is nice for sure. before pulling the trigger though, you can get a quad 99 ss amp and a tube pre sc22. that combo will really make your speakers excell....
excuse my ignorance hear but is the preamp sc22 also made by quad? Found the quad 99 amp but can't seem to locate info onthe preamp