Speaker for my system around 10K$, used.

Hi. I am ready to pull the trigger and buy a pair of speakers what I am planning to use in the next few decades. I am selling my "holy grail" watch -previous watch collector and salesman- so I'd like make IT worth...my budget is around 10k$, I have a smallish listening space, don't need much power but SQ. The rest of the system: VPI Classic TT, Ikeda 9TT cart., Gold Note PH10 phono, Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP int. I don't have a chance to prelisten, but according to my research in internett the following speakers seems like matching my taste:

1.Voxativ Ampeggio (older mod, maybe with the matching sub later on)

2.Feastrex Vivace (sub later?)

3. JBL 4367 

Which one would you go for? Any other similar what can be even better? I love full range field coils or JBL sound but I am open for other suggestions.

Cube Audio's Nenuphar or Nenuphar Mini speaker should be on your list given your consideration of Voxativ and Feastrex. The size of your room being  a deciding factor between the 10 inch or 8 inch drivers.
The JBL is relatively versatile in room setup and size. I own them and have heard in very small rooms and very big rooms. It can do both. The bass extension is more limited than people tend to believe; I am in a personal debate about getting subs, even though I don't particularly want to deal with them. Otherwise the frequency response is flatter than the Voxativ, so I believe the JBLs to be more versatile between types of music. The Voxativ has rolled off HF and a more beautiful tone, while the JBLs are more bleached out, similar to but not as bad as Revels. The JBLs are more dynamic and more articulate as front loaded horns tend to be. They require low noise, low distortion equipment or they sound pretty bad.   
It would be very helpful if you could expand upon what your particular “taste” is as you’ll get much more useful and targeted recommendations. 
Tekton Moab, $4k, Audiokinesis Swarm subwoofers $3k, Synergistic Research CTS speaker cable (and have Michael Spallone modify the Active Shielding MPCs) for about $2k, and put the remaining $1k into Synergistic HFT Speaker Kits and HFT room treatment.

Have you heard GoldenEar Triton1R? The reviews are full of praise. I have the Triton 1s and am very happy with them.
I set my budget for $10k used a few years ago and learned a few things. I learned that some speakers are more room sensitive than others, some of the more revealing speakers are brutally hard on upstream components and what started out as revealing and impressive became unmusical. I found rear ported speakers added bass while front and bottom ported did nothing to extend the bass. 
There’s no such thing as to much power and 5 or so pair later I rolled the dice on some dsp that really are less room sensitive and I don’t have to worry about matching components. 
$10k is a lot of used dollars and you can get some of the best sound available.
Golden Ear Triton Reference.  10K.  There is a pair for sale on here for 6.5k used.
Golden Ear Triton Reference
Ins’t that too big for his listening space? For 10K, I suppose he can buy a nice pair of petite monitors. He’ll gain quality as well as a more appropriate sound pressure for what he characterized as a "smallish listening space".

Thank you for all of your reply, I am gonna study all the options. I didn't want to specify the music because I listen to various types of music. But I want orchestra sounds good with lots of layers and instruments. Then I guess everything else is gonna play fine. I love the field coils, but this is my biggest concern.
Smallish listening space means 3-4m x 4-5m. 
10k for speakers, cables + Room treatment is coming in extra

I would listen to the Aerial 7T's.  Perfect for you room and gear and would leave some money for investment another areas
@andy2 .........................mine are in a 15 by 18 room. The bass is adjustable and the speakers are only 6 1/2 inches wide in front and around 10 inches in the rear.  They take up no more space than a pair of stand mounted speakers.  
Check out the Charney Audio Companion with Voxativ AF 2.6 drivers. Wonderful layered engaging sound with no need for a sub! Your room is about the same as mine and I get plenty of real bass from the AF 2.6 driver.

@andy2 .........................mine are in a 15 by 18 room. The bass is adjustable and the speakers are only 6 1/2 inches wide in front and around 10 inches in the rear.  They take up no more space than a pair of stand mounted speakers.
OK, but you have to convince the OP, since I don't have 10K :-)

I’d recommend Joseph Audio Pulsar monitors for your size room.  They are among the best imaging/soundstaging speakers available and will portray layers of sound if they’re in the recording, and they also pull off a disappearing act that bests just about everything out there.  

Another lesser-known option might be the Boenicke W8 made in Switzerland and would also likely work well in your room as it’s a modest-sized floorstander.  It also appears to have excellent imaging/soundstaging and has a rear-firing tweeter that adds to the openness of the sound, and it employs a 1st-order crossover that probably also contributes to the W8’s 3D imaging capabilities.  I believe it’s around $7500, but you’ll want to add the optional Swing Base that contributes significantly to the sound, so that will up the price quite a bit.  Hope this helps, and best of luck in your search. 
Thank you all for the help! I got an offer for buying a Voxativ Ampeggio (AC-4X) with matching cables and amplifier. According to my taste and wallet its gonna be a perfect match if I am able to realise some sales before the owner is selling it to someone else.... :) Or start the process again. Let's hope the best :)