Speaker for my Mark Levinson 331

I have a Mark Levinson 331 wich I use with a pair of System Audio Explorer Master.
I think I want to upgrade to B&W 802/802D but I wonder what other speakers are ML331 users listening to?
I used a ML331 and later a ML334 with a pair of Aerial 10-T's. Before the 10-T's, I used the ML331 with a pair of Alon IV's. I was very pleased with those amp-speaker pairings.
Wilson, B&W, Aerial & Verity are all sonic matches for the ML gear. Keep us posted.
My friend has Magico Q1 sounds wonderful.
Thank you all!
Is there anybody using the ML331 to drive a pair of Sinus Faber Cremona M ?
Not a ML331, but perhaps close enough - Before I sold my ML334, I used it to drive a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M's. It was a very good pairing, made even better when I added a REL sub.
Aerial 10t's are a good match.
I suggest you consider the Revel Ultima 2 line. They are quite a bargain used. Your amp may be more suited to the Studio 2, but without knowing your room size, volume, music taste and so on I can't be sure.

Levinson and Revel and both part of Harmon, so I'm almost sure the Ultima 2's were voiced using ML electronics. My ML433 and Studio 2's are a truly great combo. For once in my life I have no upgrade interest, at least not in amp or speaker.

Thank you everybody for your answers. My room is 5 x 8 meters and 2, 5 meters high. I listen mostly to jazz, vocal jazz, blues and classical music. Sometimes i like to listen at quite high volume.
Today, i have System Audio Explorer Master. They dont have the dynamic capacity I want. They sound good at lower volume, but thats it. The sound caracter changes too much at higher levels.
Before that I had a pair of KEF104.2 Reference. I liked them so much i kept them for 12 years! Then they started to loss detail in the higher tones.
Well, thank you again.
I have now a pair of Verity Audio Rienzi.