Speaker for my Ampzilla Amp and Pre-Amp

I'm looking a newer speaker for my totally rebuilt Ampzilla (250 RMS). I'm currently using it on a pair of Carver Amazing or a pair of Linn Kellidhs> (I know thats night and day).

The music I listen the most of the time is 70's to 80's classic rock.

That I'm looking at are the Revel F52s or Sonus Faber.
the problem is there is no place in the forth largest city to hear any speakers.

Any other ideas? room is 12x16 and budget used is 2000-4000.
For that kind of music, I would check out the Tekton
Pendragon. I think the guy that makes them is a drummer, so
I'm sure they'll have a lot of impact, which I assume is what
you're looking for. If you can cough up a few more bucks, I
would look into a Wilson Sophia. You can pick up the older
models at good prices used and they're good at louder volumes.
There's a pair up now for $5200.
also i was looking at a pair of Tannoy 6.2 or 6.4's
how would the F52's do with out sub?
I'm assuming you're in the US, you mean Houston doesn't have any places to audition speakers? I'm surprised.

With that amp's power, I'm thinking you could drive a PBN/Montana in your price range, or a PSB Stratus Gold, both of which should sounds great with your music selection.

Just Best Buy! would you take the PSB Stratus Gold over the Revel F52's
I've never heard the Revels, so I can't comment on that. What I can say is that the Golds were the best rock music speaker I've heard yet (but ONLY with a high-powered amplifier).

Keep in mind, though, that with a lot of music from that genre you're limited a lot by dynamic range compression from the recording.

Another option is to talk with Ty at Tyler Acoustics. I have his D3M's and love them. He routinely has used speakers available at a discount. Something from the Decade line would suit you well.

I've never heard any bad comment about Tyler speakers, and my own experience as a happy owner validates that.


Back in my Ampzilla days , ( I bought one new ) it sounded really nice with Maggies , but maybe not suited to your music tastes .......
There are five Sonus Faber dealers in greater Houston, including two Magnolia Design Centers.

Magnolia Design Center 5133 Richmond Av.
77056 Houston TX
Phone: 713-576-1321

Symbio Lighting & Control 4229 C Bellaire Blvd
77025 Houston TX
Phone: 713-780-4601

Magnolia Design Center 20290 Katy Fwy
77449 Katy TX
Phone: 281-675-3971
Web: http://www.magnoliaav.com

Signature Home Theater 6911 Farm to Market 1960 West Rd
77069 Houston TX
Phone: 281-810-9287
Web: http://www.sigtheater.com

Magnolia Design Center 19425 Gulf Fwy.
77598 Webster TX
Phone: 281-554-3961

I'm quite partial to Sonus Faber; Their staved designs work especially well with all kinds of music, and your electronics should really light them up.
I see there's a pair of Tyler Acoustics Linbrook's for sale.
I think ill make a offer tonight on them.