Speaker for modern/alt rock music

I have a $2000 budget.
Using an amp that outputs 125W into 8ohms.
I just purchased the Anthony Gallo Strada 2's.
They are the same as the upper part of the well known reference 3.5's.

Anyways, although they sound really good on acoustic/classical/vocal music, they sound really messy and harsh on modern music and alternative rock stuff. I feel like almost all speakers do "audiophile" music very well.

Two of my favorite artists are Flyleaf and Paramore.
Can anyone recommend some speakers (used or new) under $2000 that are good for this kind of music?
Something that can keep up with fast passages with great instrument separation and is as transparent as possible.

Also, it would be good if it is forgiving of poorly recorded songs.

A used SNELL type D is very good for rock. it punches you in the stomach. And it only cost $600 used
My tekton lore s are good with paramore. The regular lore may be even better.
Hey, Bolun! I actually like my paradigm studio 20's for rock music but they don't have much low end and can get a bit bright if you're not using components that are more on the laid back side. Cymbals and high hats sounded especially good to me. They could play loud and keep up with complicated passages, in my oppinion. You'd definately want a sub or two though.
Another speaker that I've been lusting over is a pair of Tyler acoustics. There's a pair of taylo 7u's for sale here on audiogon for $2400 that I'm thinking would sound fabulous but am not sure how they perform as a rock music speaker.
Another manufacturer I'd ask our fellow 'goners about would be some ZU audio's.
I'd try PSB's if you can find them used. Also, The Golden Ear line pumps out quite a bit of bass for little money. You might be happier with some good monitors and subwoofer setup if you have room to play around. You really gotta audition with your favorite music before buying, though.
Klipsch Belle or if you can find a pair of Klipschorns in your area for under $2000 you won't be sorry. And, those are lifetime speakers, if you get them for that price, over the years you can do upgrades such as the crossover network, wiring, and refinishing the boxes.

My all time favorite rock speaker, regardless of price.
Hi, I heard the Zu Omens at the CES show in Las Vegas and I think they might fit the bill. If you can a pair to audition, check em out!
Good Luck, Tish
The "music" is really messy and harsh, what did you expect?
Buy some old Advents and be happy.
Forgot about lores but, yes that's another good choice!
JBL L100 or 4311 Studio Monitors
Pioneer HPM100

The Klipsch recommendations are good also. If you have a large room, the Snell AIII's are great.