Speaker for Mcintosh MC 30

Hi Guys
I have recently acquired a pair of Mcintosh MC 30 Tube Monoblocks. These are under restoration now. They were in working order when purchased, restoration is mostly cosmetic plus new tubes. My guy says to use EL 34 but I am not convinced. 6L6 are also avaiable. Maybe will try both. The question is what speakers. I currently have a pair of B&W 805S in Tiger eye maple with matching center in my HT and B&W 800D1 paired with Krell KRS 200 monoblocks. I will ocassionally use the MC 30 with these speakers but would rather acquire another set for these for a seprate room. KEF B&W are avalable. Klipsch also but not everything. Do you think the KEF LS50 would pair with these well? Any options on Klipsch?
Go with a speaker rated at 90db or higher , this should work well with the Mac monos.

JBL 43xx series and 6L6 are big buddies since long. Plenty of restored units will humiliate B&W 805S. In fact that I really like B&W 805S in particular, the JBL43xx series will be better match. 
Floor stander I'd pick JBL L800 if you'll be able to find it.
My favorite pick on tubes is 6CA7 fat bottles.

Good advice above.  You could also look for a pair of original Klipsch Hereseys.  Good luck & happy listening!
You could find some Coincidents which are quite efficient.  However, with a vintage amp that really has great mids you might be really happy with a single driver speaker such as Lowthers.
I absolutely would not use EL34’s in an MC-30, unless it has been somehow modified to be compatible with them. The MC-30 was designed for the 1614 or 6L6-GC. The EL34 differs from those tubes in numerous ways, including not only electrical parameters but even the pin to which the suppressor grid is connected.  The pin-out difference could be resolved by adding a jumper between pins 1 and 8 on each of the power tube sockets.  But I would expect the differences in electrical parameters to result in degraded sonics at best, and a blown power transformer at worst, eventually if not sooner.

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-- Al

Don't know your price range but there are some Zu Definition IVs on Audio Circle. Look them up on Hi Fi Shark. 101 db eff, Keith R takes really good care of his stuff and they are broken in. 
I've had a pair for three years and doubt I will ever audition another speaker.