Speaker for Line Magnetic LM 518IA in Large Room

Need recommendations for new speakers to pair with my LIne Magnetic 22 WPC SET integrated.  No more than $13K and I'd be happier spending $8-10K.

I love my LM 518IA.  I have been using it for 6 years with Merlin TSM-MME monitors in a 15' x 30' room, with the speakers firing across the short width.  It's been an amazing combination. 

I am moving and the listening room (living room) will be much larger-- the main room is 28' x 24', opening up to 19.5' x 11.5'.  I'd expect there to be a listening seat about 14' or so away from the speakers, with another 14' behind the listener, but I do want to be able to listen anywhere in that room (as much as 900 square feet) and still enjoy it.  Ceilings are around 9 feet.  I do understand locating the speakers and finding a good listening spot will not be easy and will take some thought and delicate negotiations with wife.

I don't listen at ear-shattering levels, but I do want a full-range listening experience and I listen to all types of music, whether electronic, amplified or acoustic.  I have found the LM has a lot of grunt for a relatively low-power amp.

Right now, my first thoughts are Devore O/93 and O/96, Focal Sopra 2.  I'm also looking into getting a pair of Merlin VSM from Signature Sound, since I've liked my Merlins so much.  What other speakers should I be looking at?
Daedalus Argos. Full range, wide sweet spot, easy to drive. Call Lou.
DeVore 093 or 096 speakers
2nd the Daedalus Argos V2s , drive them with a 518IA in a 28x20x10 room with ease 
Horns would be perfect with that low power and giant room nothing else you suggest would work 1/2 as well
I've got the LM508 with the highly efficient Tekton DI's and never remotely felt like I was lacking power, heck, bass response with rap music is super tight. Take a look at the Ulfbehrts. They are imposing in size and may not be WAF friendly
If you can get to Brooklyn you should listen to Bache Audio's newest version of the Tribeca with the Eton Symphony II woofers. These speakers have a big, tonally balanced, holographic sound that's very coherent and easy on the ears (non-fatiguing). Placement is easy as I find them to sound excellent just firing straight into the room. And my tastes are from acoustic rock to classic rock to jazz to orchestral. Mahler sounds particular great and even at low volume you get a full sound.