speaker for golden tube se-40 amp

i recently bought the gt se-40 and try to find the right speaker for it. my current speaker is totem forest floor stander which require alot of juice to sound good. i was new to tube equipment, just want to experience the new tube sound. i am looking at the price range of no more than 1000.00 new or used monitor or floor stander. THANK in advance for any help or recommendation.
For just a bit more look for a used pair of Alon Lotuses. I've seen them in the $1200 range and they're awesome with low powered tube amps. Good luck!
Hmmmmm....you already have the Forests (a very nice speaker) and now that you bought a mediocre tube amp you want to change those speakers for something that matches up with it. It appears to me you are moving in reverse. A better amp for the
Forests will show them off MUCH better than the Golden Tube piece you have acquired. Think about an amp switch before the speakers would be my advice.
Realhifi makes a claim that is totally untrue. The Se-40 is an excellent amp when mated with the right speaker.Try to stay with speakers that do not dip below 6 ohms and efficiency is a plus as well. If you don't, the amp will sound somewhat anemic and lacking in dynamics. A good match would be reference 3A's or Merlin tsm to name a few. I purchased a CJ premiere 11A to replace my SE40 monoblocks and then tried a Music reference RM-200. Guess what, they are gone, but my SE-40's are still here. It's all about having a synergistic match up. People are always quick to make judgements when they have not taken the time to make a balanced accessment. Soniccraft.com offers mods to take these amps up to the next level. Believe me, If he didn't believe in them he would not mod them.
Hello Taiquach. While I would agree with realhifi's comment regarding the sound of the Totem forest as "a very good speaker". However... Though the Golden Tube amplifier may not be a very good match for the Totem Forest's....Realhifi's statement of the Golden Tube SE-40 as a "mediocre" amplifier is just plain silly, misinformed and inappropriate. Sonically speaking, the SE-40 amplifier is very good,very competent, and more than competetive with a lot of the more expexpensive tube amplifiers.I would have to concurr with Jig's excellent advise regarding mating the amp with an appropriate speaker. As Jig mentioned, the 3a's,and the Merlin TSM would be great choices and also ones that are at a higher level of refinement than the Totem Forest if given the proper room acoustics and good stands. Another stand mounted monitor to consider are the wonderful sounding proac response 1sc, response 2 or 2's. They make for a dynamic illusion of real music,dissappear in the room and present a benign load for the golden Tube SE-40. In my opinion... the original Totem model 1 was [and still is to this day] the most musical speaker the company has offered to date. Unfortunately... like the rest of their line up,they all require a little more horsepower and current than the Golden Tube can supply. Follow Jig's excellent analogy here as it is a sound one! All the best on your endevour.
I use Silverline LaFolia's with my SE-40SE. Sounds wonderful. I had my Golden Tube upgraded by Sonic Craft (www.Soniccraft.com). For a few hundred dollars in upgrades you will have an amp which will embarass the high priced amps. You have a jewel.
the se40 would also be a fine candidate for maximum upgrading; ie, replacement of most components with much better parts. Given the vintage of the unit that might not be a bad thing to do in any event. If the SE40 responds to mods like the 300b golden tube model then the improvement would be material